Get All The Quest For Glory Games From

Yessss. As of today, you can buy all five classic Quest for Glory adventure/RPGs from for 10 bucks. Worth it if only to hear one of Jennifer Hale's early game voiceover performances.


    It's about Friggen time! Must have now!!

    This was just about the only Sierra series I never got around to playing. I wonder if it holds up. I find with the exception of the Gabriel Knight games, Sierra games haven't aged as well as LucasArts games.

      I went back and played them all again only a couple of years ago. The Adventure/RPG mix is still very enjoyable, and if anything a lot of the humor makes more sense now that I am older to understand it (I originally played through when I was a wee lad). I didn't really enjoy number 5 though. Still - it's only 10 bucks!

        I agree entirely. 5 seemed to lack the humour / charm of the first 4 ...

    ^ My fav game of all time possibly!

    QFG4 has one of the best soundtracks ever.

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