Police Quest Creator Tentatively Plans Kickstarter For A New Game

Police Quest Creator Tentatively Plans Kickstarter For A New Game

As a kid of the 80s, I grew up on the “Quest” games. Forgotten today, the designers behind these titles are trying to get back into industry, the most recent attempt being Hero-U from the people behind Quest for Glory. Now it sounds like Jim Walls, the man behind Police Quest, is thinking about a Kickstarter for a new game in the style of his vintage opus.

Walls recently chatted to Chris Pope, executive producer behind SpaceVenture, the spiritual successor to Space Quest. They talk about all manner of things for about an hour, though around 40 minutes in the conversation turns to some “exciting news” Walls has. From the interview:

Chris Pope: Jim, what is your exciting news that you’d like to share with everybody?
Jim Walls: I think I’m going to get back into it. So maybe do a Kickstarter … a new Police Quest-type game, although it has to be completely different .. . Activision you know has their two cents into that. I don’t have any definite dates, I’ve got to connect too many dots before I announced when it’s going to be … I already have an idea for the game, I have an idea for the title, but there’s a whole lot of work yet to do.

Naturally, Walls sounds rusty, mentioning he only heard about Kickstarter last year. So fair enough Jim, take your time to figure out the details, get up-to-date with crowdfunding and do a good job of the pitch. I know I’ll be waiting to see the results.

Creator of Police Quest announces Kickstarter [Choicest Games]

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  • While I loved the Police Quest games, I’m about as excited for this as I was about the Leisure Suit Larry reboot and the new game coming from Two Guys from Andromeda.

    Spoiler: I’m not every excited.

  • Well I’m interested! I’ll definitely be donating. Love the pq games, and still play them every so often.

    Pq3 and pq1vga were the best, although I did enjoy open season which was made by Daryl f gates.

  • I wonder if the Kickstarter rush has ended, or at least lulled for a little while. I know I’m waiting for delivery on the campaigns I’ve already donated to before I get heavily invested in any more.

  • I know it’s not going to happen, but I’d love to see a PQ style game in the GTAverse. Liberty City Cops practically writes itself.

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