Lucasfilm Asks Fate Of Atlantis Remake To Shut Down

Indiana Jones And The Fate of Atlantis is one of the great point and click adventure games. Now, a fan remake has stopped production after being contacted by Lucasfilms.

As first reported by PC Gamer, the team behind Indiana Jones And The Fate Of Atlantis Special Edition are stopping their work after an informal conversation with Lucasfilm. They asked the team to halt production but did not issue a formal cease and desist.

"We have been told that Lucasfilm don't want to share the Indy licence with anyone right one," the team's Facebook page reads. "We will keep in touch with Lucasfilm people and continuously trying to obtain a deal for a full project development."

The team will keep download links for the project's demo version up on their site until Sunday, March 5th. Fans eager to experience the project would do well to download it before then. The demo runs on Windows and Mac.

"We are extremely proud of what we have done," the team said. "It has been a great fun. We will love this project forever."


    Man, a great Indiana Jones game would be quite something.

    Indy hasn't had a game since, what, the Infernal Machine?

      I'd play a straight up Indiana Jones reskin of Tomb Raider. Ratchet down the maudlin story beats, ratchet up the punching nazi goobers in the face.

        Uncharted, but Nazis and you have Short Round or Sean Connery.

      OK, apparently he's had a bunch, but other than the LEGO games they've all been shit since 2003.

    I would play a remake of fate of atlantis in a heartbeat. Although I doubt it maybe this means that is what lucasfilm are working on

    The funny thing is I don't think they (LucasArts) could make an Indy game without being accused of ripping of Tomb Raider and Uncharted. How crazy is that?

    In fairness to Lucasfilms, that's one of the more polite and respectful approaches to protecting their IP that we've seen from a film/game studio in a long time...

    Last edited 02/03/17 4:30 pm

    I didn't know LucasArts was even a thing anymore.
    Why would they keep the name if George no longer has any part in it?

      LucasArts/Lucasfilms is now purely a licensing body for the former LucasFilms IPs. They exist purely to manage who can and can't make games/books/etc, and to manage the story surrounding the Star Wars/Indiana Jones universes and ensure that any material produced in the new canon universes conforms to that story.

        So they're basically beaurocrats who don't actually produce anything, and yet they shut down this project rather than licensing it and sitting back making bank?

          Why would they license it. I don't see a part where they said they tried to license it. They essentially tried to steal.some ones stuff and politely got told no.

            Because they can literally sit back, do nothing and let the developers do all the work themselves and they could still take a cut, I'm no dev/publisher but that seems like good business to me, particularly when the game looks great and would not tarnish LucasFilms' reputation.

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