Remember This?

Alright smart guy. That's right - you. I'm talking to you. Can you name this game from one screenshot? Can you? Yes, you probably can. But I'm going to continue challenging you until you break - you understand me!


    I'm definitely wrong, but I want it to be Shadow of the Colossus. GREAT game.

      Funny - my first reaction was ICO. Whatever it is, the style (and particularly the texturing of the rock) is very similar to Team Ico.


      i think we have a winner

    Halo Series - Beaver Creek Level ?

    Morrowind. Seen any Elves? Ha ha ha!

    Turok 1

      Feels like that - not sure about those trees though - look a bit detailed for early 64

    It's most likely a Duke Nukem Forever screenshot from 2001, since our guest editor today is Duke Nukem.

    Pretty sure that that's Morrowind.

    First thought into my head was "Morrowind"

    It's halo 1

    Duke Nukem Forever?

      That made me laugh, now quickly, run and hide. I think duke will be coming to your house shortly...

    Looks like Battlefield 1942 or even Vice City

    Your face?

    Halo 2

    Halo CE was my first thought.

    Cosmos cosmic adventure... I think I, could be wrong though

    This is quite possibly the most generic "Remember this?" since its inception, correct me if I'm wrong.
    I was leaning towards Shadow of the Collosus due to the leaves on the tree, but after seeing some of the other suggestions I am completely unsure.

      I wouldn't go so far to call it "generic", anyone who invested a fair amount of time with the game would instantly recognise the skybox and alpha blending on the tree leaves.

    i also instantly thought halo CE

    Halo CE and Turok were my first thoughts.

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