Shagri-La’s Moving Walls, Nasty Monkeys And Pungee Traps

Shagri-La’s Moving Walls, Nasty Monkeys And Pungee Traps

Is it just me or are these zombie maps for Call of Duty: Black Ops getting increasingly complex with each new download pack?

This time around map pack Annihilation gamers get a chance to take on the zombies of the fabled city of Shangri-La. That means angry little monkeys, some neat pungee traps and lots a puzzles. Here’s a look at just one of the paths I took to get to round six on my first time with the map.

Yes, that floor is sticky as hell and slows you and zombies down. It’s pretty cool, as are all of the new settings and the ceiling-climbing zombies.

Check out our look at some of my favourite moments of the Annihilation map pack’s multiplayer too.


  • The map is frickin hard!! Have to constantly keep running, more so than any other map. Massive LOL moment – one of my friends playing as the Tank character opened the random box, got a sweet weapon and Tank yells out “Winning!” – had me and my friends I stitches!!

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