Wimoweh Your Way Through This Zombie Video

Wimoweh Your Way Through This Zombie Video

Pungee stick grenades, exploding wind-up monkeys all set to a catchy tune!

While I doubt The Kingston Trio will be singing when you play the Shangri-La map in Call of Duty: Black Ops’ upcoming download map pack, everything else will be in there.

The pack, along with a clutch of multiplayer maps, hit Xbox Live on June 28. No date yet for the PC and PS3 versions.


  • Yeah, Let’s all pay insane prices for sub-par quality map packs for a horrible, uninspired game franchise.


    Or we can go play Battlefield and get free map packs.

    • Well goodness me, Switch… didn’t we have a nice cup of grumpy this morning? I, for one, found the above video to be highly entertaining and would like to thank our benevolent providers at Kotaku for bringing it to my attention. A good day to you, sir.

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