She's Got World 1-1 Nailed

I see I should have posted these sooner. A friend of "Kaci," whose nails are presented here, sent us some pics of her awesome Super Mario Bros. manicure. These have now gone viral. Congrats to Kaci on her newfound fame, and our compliments on the artwork.


    ... There isnt a Bullet Bill in world 1-1. IS there?

    (other then that nit pick awesome)

    Nice to see something on reddit being reposted around the internet.

      Even better when it's reposted by people who have publically trashed the site.

      The girl herself posted it on several different sites, some before the Reddit post. But hey, if thinking that Reddit is the centre of the internet helps you sleep at night, I say go for it.

    She's HOT! I don't care what the rest of her looks like!

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