Skarlet Is Mortal Kombat's Bloodiest Kombatant Ever

Mortal Kombat fans love women. Mortal Kombat fans love blood. So here's a woman made of blood.

Born of a Mortal Kombat II Kitana programming glitch, Skarlet is the latest mortal kombatant to spring from rumour into life, joining Ermac the Scorpion programming glitch and Blaze, the burning figure from the background of the second game's pit stage brought to life as the boss of Mortal Kombat: Armageddon.

Skarlet's definitely not merely a palette swap here. She's quick and brutal with the odd habit of covering both her and her opponent's head-to-toe with vital fluids by the end of a match, just like mum.

Skarlet adds value to the first batch of downloadable content for the latest Mortal Kombat.


    Not too sure about Skarlet, she seems too similar to Mileena. But I'll probably end up with the DLC anyway...if I can find a way to get it.

    Slightly OT: Blaze was brought to life as a playable character in Deadly Alliance which was four years before Armageddon. :P

    So...pretty much a blood based T-1000.

    anybody else think this is just Armageddon's Kira with Mileena projectiles?

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