Mortal Kombat's Newest, Wettest Ninja Punches In On July 19

The purple one, Rain, is the latest addition to Mortal Kombat's cast of characters. The god of inclement weather joins the excessively bloody Skarlet and blind swordsman Kenshi as the third downloadable add-on for NetherRealm's ultra gory fighter.

You can see the super soaker, who made his first appearance as one of the many palette-swapped ninja in Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, in action in this, his debut trailer. Lighting bolts, water spheres and liquid swords are at Rain's disposal when disposing of the game's less fortunate fighters, making for a wet, hot Mortal Kombat summer.

NetherRealm Studios will make it Rain on July 19, when the downloadable ninja comes to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 game for five bucks or 400 Microsoft Points.


    As much as I love this return-to-form for the MK series, I really do think the character roster is duplicated heavily. Too many of them are too similar. Take it back to MK2, I say (though even that had the same issue on a smaller scale).

      Duplicated how? Instead of just the usual palette swaps the ninjas and the girls all have dramatically different costumes and fighting styles and super moves not to the mention the range of the fatalities and x-ray moves.

      Either way, with more characters coming I've just created my US Live Account, time to get me some DLC when payday hits this Thursday.

      Yeah seems to be. I mean, how similar was Rains 'teleport' ability to Scorpion's? Just swap out the fire for water and its the same.

      I shouldn't talk, I haven't played an MK game in ages. I am however considering importing this one.

    When this game first came out I said I'm not buying this on principal. I'll get it when we have a r18 rating.

    Should I just go ahead and buy it?

      go ahead and import it now. It's Refused Classification and can no longer be appealed, it will stay effectively banned even when we do get a R18 rating.

      Also it's awesome fun and totally worth it.

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