Step Inside The Old Republic's Eternity Vault, And Bring Some Friends

On the ice world of Belsavis a deadly threat to the galaxy lies in wait. More powerful than the Empire or the Republic, the only hope of defeating it lies in forming a raid in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

This is The Eternity Vault, a maximum level Operation for BioWare's upcoming Star Wars MMO. An Operation is like a raid, only called something else because BioWare wants to be different. Looks like a hoot. Also looks like it'll take an awful lot of coordination and effort to overcome. I'm sure that sort of player will enjoy themselves with this while I'm off role-playing in some seedy galactic bar.


    Im kinda sad that this game wont have playable wookies or rodians. Id prefer to see another GCW Starwars mmo.

    I'm a bit sad that, so far, it looks like this is going to be WOW with lightsabers.

    I always wondered how Star Wars would work in a traditional MMO mechanic... Especially in a setting where overwhelming majority of classes use projectile weapons and would classify as ranged DPS.

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