Super Meat Boy Creators Working On 'Ambitious' New Title

Super Meat Boy was amazing. Anyone who has ever played the game can testify to that fact. It is for this reason that I'm keenly anticipated Team Meat's current project - which it has just started talking about.

"I think it's safe to say that Meat Boy was a very straightforward game. We didn't really reach outside the box in terms of design," said McMillen, talking to Eurogamer. "I think with the new game we definitely get a bit more experimental with the design.

"I think it's going to be more ambitious design-wise and it's going to be more of a challenge for us. It's a bigger project. It's going to be fun and that's exactly why we're into it. It's going to be pretty fresh."

We have no concrete idea what the game is at this point, but it looks like it most likely won't be another hardcore platformer, since Team Meat has discussed, on numerous occasions, the fatigue involved in spending 18 month straight working on Super Meat Boy.

Whatever the game is - consider it bought.

Team Meat starts "ambitious" new project [Eurogamer]


    Awesome, now if only I had a working PC or Xbox to play SMB, damn you PSN!

    Hopefully with the SMB success they are in a position financially to not worry as much as the SMB production, so they won't have to work in the same conditions, or worry about the MS deadline

    I'm all over whatever this is like Dr Fetus on Bandage Girl

    I got this on steam, but the controlls dont seem to work very well with a sixaxis plugged in and as far as i can tell there's no easy way to fix the control scheme.

    Would love to spend some cash on this via the PSN.

    Try using the MotionJoy program, works a treat with my sixaxis.

    Please be Sonic, please be Sonic, please be Sonic.

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