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Super Meat Boy designer Tommy Refenes knew that the name Forever was cursed territory in video games. Originally, he wanted to give the sequel to his pioneering tough-as-nails indie platformer a different title: Super Meat Boy ∞, pronounced “Super Meat Boy Infinity.” He decided, though, that it’d have been too confusing.


Edmund McMillen—the guy who you might know from Super Meat Boy, The Binding of Isaac, or even just Indie Game: The Movie—used to make Flash games. I used to play Flash games. Lots of them, in fact. It’s been over a decade since my Flash game heyday, and I’m starting to realise how many of them were formative in my gaming career.


The End is Nigh, a new puzzle platformer by former Newgrounds creator Tyler Glaiel and Super Meat Boy's Edmund McMillen, is out now on PC. It brings back Meat Boy's precise controls and movement for a second round of dangerous jumps and spike pits. It's a bit too familiar, but it's still a lot of fun.


It turns out that Edmund McMillen will not in fact spend the rest of his life making expansions for 2011's macabre roguelike, The Binding of Isaac. In a post describing the latest fan mods to be added to the official version, McMillen said he and programmer Tyler Glaiel have spent three months in crunch time preparing for the reveal of their new game.


When I’m not writing about video games, or talking about video games, or playing video games my favourite thing to do is go rock climbing.

Rock climbing is the most pointless thing in the world.


In the weeks since Super Meat Boy has been on PS4 and Vita, only four people have picked up the platinum trophy. That list might not get much longer, given how difficult it is. Why? You have to beat every world in the game without dying. Only 0.8% did this on Steam, a world where it's easy to cheat at achievements.


Fans of Super Meat Boy are going to understand that this is difficult. If you played Super Meat Boy to a certain level you are going to understand it on an even deeper level.

Basically what I'm trying to say is this: don't bother trying to get a Platinum Trophy on Super Meat Boy on the PS4 or PS Vita. Give up now. Spare yourself the pain.


When the creators of Super Meat Boy were approached by a Hollywood guy who said their game would make for a great movie, they thought they smelled a scam. Who knows what the script-shopper really had in mind, but being clowned for nearly an hour in a Skype conference (audio above) probably wasn't a goal.


Some of you may remember that we highlighted a really awesome (and totally unofficial) 3D version of Super Meat Boy, called Super Meat Boy Galaxy. I tend to think adding a third dimension to one of the most difficult platformers ever released is the kind of idea that should come with a health warning, but I am curious. Now its creator is holding the game to ransom. Want to play Super Meat Boy Galaxy? You have to give to charity first!


Super Meat Boy is insanely difficult in 2D. I can't imagine the incredible amount of frustration we'd have to deal with if there was an extra bloody dimension to manage! The above video, of a totally unofficial game made for Super Meat Boy's co-creator Tommy Refenes' birthday, is simultaneously awesome and terrifying.