Team Fortress 2's Update Soldiers On

This is the third day in the preview rollout of features for Team Fortress 2's Uber Update and still no long (long) awaited "Meet the Medic". Instead, check out Soldier's new gear, which includes the "Market Gardener", shovel, and a sweet Patton-esque riding crop.


    Just Wondering...

    Why do we get an article thats not an article at all? I mean, on the front page, the blurb is everything in the article....

    Some pictures would be nice?

      You can actually tell... Full articles always have "More" and the end of the text... these stubs don't.

    The Mantreads? Yes please!

    Disciplinary Action sounds hilarious!

    And more boots.... After yesterday's update everyone was saying that Demo's boots would take up a weapon slot.... I think they're adding boots as a new item.

    Can anyone confirm this?

      Actually nevermind. Quick check of the wiki shows the Mantreads are secondary weapons.

    I'm kind of sad with what's happened to TF2 lately. TF2 hit it's stride just after the sniper vs spy update. What I dislike is how they are now simply pumping in new weapons as fast as they can. Back in the days of the early class updates, each weapon was properly tested and balanced. These days, most new weapons released are either stupidly OP and banned from comp play, or so useless that no-one uses them.

    What TF2 needed was new hats, new maps, and balancing updates - not more of this random wacky untested weapon BS. The game is now so random, and weapons are so hard to find that I don't even recognize it anymore. It's sad because TF2 used to be my favourite game of all time :(

      Several of these weapons were tested (using generic models) in the TF Beta.

    I'm guessing 'Trauma Thursday'!

    Don't forget the hidden update.

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