The Final Fantasy XIII-2 Trailer Is FFXIII Once More With Feeling

Square Enix is doing a sequel to role-playing game Final Fantasy XIII called Final Fantasy XIII-2. This is it! Check out the game's E3 trailer.

FFXIII-2 was revealed earlier this year in Tokyo and will follow the adventures of FFXIII heroine Lightning. The game is being developed by director Motomu Toriyama, producer Yoshinori Kitase, and character designer Tetsuya Nomura—who also worked on FFXIII.

The multiplatform game will be out later this year.

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Final Fantasy XIII-2 - GameSpot Exclusive E3 Teaser Trailer (PlayStation 3) - GameSpot Video


    will the nightmare never end? why won't these games just stop EXISTING!?

      It doesn't have to be a nightmare. Just ignore them if you don't like them. I don't like real-world based FPS's but I don't want Call of Duty 64billion (or whatever they're up to) to stop existing, simply because other people are enjoying those games.

        See thats the thing i don't understand. People want to get rid of said item but all they can do is ignore it... Its sad

      Eh so their not your kinda thing so what just move on.

      I have to put up with Bioware RPG's becoming increasingly dumber and more action shooter than RPG.

      To the point that probably in 5 years time JRPG's will probably be the closest thing to the RPG's i grew up with.

        Correction: JRPGs now are literally the same JRPGs you grew up with. Except with some prettier graphics thrown in.

        And thus lies the big problem for this genre: Creative stagnation.

    Will they make this one into a jpop one like they did with x-2? If they do that it might make xiii look better :p.

      XIII is already infected with enough vogue Japanese bitchyness to fuel an entire fashion industry.

      I'm hoping that instead we end up with something more deep and real.

      A world that actually has NPCs in it would certainly help!

      The JPOP-ness of the first FXIII was already pretty horrid. This is being made by the same guy who did that and with all the same terrible characterisation.

      I'm curious how much hate this one will get. One one hand, the first one set the bar so low so there will be fewer crushed dreams this time round.

      On the other, it's a direct FF sequel and people will hate it because it symbolises how creatively inept Squeenix is. Decisions, decisions...

    Quite enjoyed the first one, despite it being difficult. I will buy the next one. But I agree with Strange... dont stop me playing them just becuase you dont like them, Phil!

      It can still come out, just don't call it Final Fantasy.

        So should they call it 'Not Really The Final Fantasy' instead? Why reason would Square-Enix have to change the name of their flagship title after all this time?

        Why not just view each main title as a chapter in an ongoing story exploring different takes of the same mythos ('a group of heroes battling a great evil while exploring the characters' internal struggles and relationships'; stolen from Wikipedia as it puts it much more eloquently than I ever could) like pretty much everyone else, rather than viewing it as each game pretending that it will be the last?

    Apathy's a feeling... right?

      I'm a 30 year old man and I cried at the end fo FFXIII - so hows that for feelings??

      Thankfully the anonymity of the internet protects me from any embarassment at admitting the above.

        Tears of joy that it was over?

          Tears of horror at realizing that he just wasted 30 hours of his life that he'll never get back.

            Game clock said 60ish hours when all was said and done actually ....

          No, at the touching sacrafice of the two sisters /sob

        and Santa isn't real!!!

        *cue the waterworks*

    FFXIII wasn't so bad, far too linear in the first chunk of hours admittedly, but still quite an enjoyable game.

    I'll most likely get this FFXIII-2 although I know extremely little about it yet so that could change.

    Click to view keeps linking back to this page. Nothing is achieved!

    Gotta love authors like Bashcraft who can't even embed a video properly.

    I'm not really putting a lot of hope into this game, as it was the forgettable characters that ruined XIII, along with the ridiculous linearity in every facet of gameplay.

    I'll instead look forward to Type 0. They're bring back everything that made the old games brilliant.

      I was interested in Versus... but it's not coming to Xbox... so.

        I'm not sure in Square Enix have totally ruled it out just yet.

        I've got high expectations for Versus with the Kingdom Hearts team behind it, but so far the characters are looking just as bad as the cast from XIII. Hopefully the gameplay will hold the title up if my predictions are confirmed.

    I finished the last FF not too long ago and once done I couldn't bring myself to go any further I was so bored. Unless this one pulls a rabit out the hat I'll be waiting for something new.

    2011 is determined to take all my money from me. After enjoying FFXIII immensely, it's going to be hard to resist paying launch prices for this one. :)

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