The InFamous Video Game Art Of Wesley Burt

Wesley Burt is a professional concept artist who works for Massive Black, one of the world's biggest and most successful concept art studios.

In his time there he's worked on games like inFamous, Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, Borderlands, Red Faction: Guerilla, inFamous 2 and Kane & Lynch 2.

This gallery showcases some of his best and most interesting pieces, including a look at what inFamous' Cole could have looked like, both before we even knew him (where he goes from Dave Chapelle to Dr. Who to homeless bum) and then again when design work began on the sequel. The "Jason Statham meets Rob Halford" versions are particularly awesome.


    I had no idea Morgan Freeman was in this game.

    I've always dug the cole he designed thats kinda punk, with the denim vest and mohawk, I reckon that would make for and awesome character. As it turns out the original cole is just kinda generic, not to mention how far they took the design with the updated design for infamous 2 when it was first revealed, too far.

    He had some cool looks here, even the the slightly gay p0rn star look worked better than the one Sucker Punch went with in their first press release. That was dreadful the frat boy bro redesign that looked ten years younger than the original character. I notice that 'market tested covering the most demographics' particular design isn't show here.

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