The Library Will And Won't Still Suck In The Halo Remake, Same With The Graphics

The people who are making the 10th-anniversary Halo remake call Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary a "gift to the fans".

Players of the original Halo - players like me - might wonder if a "gift to the fans" (retail price $US39.95) should include, ugh, that Library level from the first game.

That Library level was tedious. Seemingly endless shooting in a dark library. Uninteresting encounters, one after the other. The level is Halo's most notorious. So I asked one of the top guys at Microsoft's Halo division, 343 Industries, if the Library is going to be improved.

"Yes and no," was the answer I wriggled out of 343's Dan Ayoub. Aftrer demoing the game here in Los Angeles at a Microsoft E3 event, he explained with a knowing smile that, after much debate, the developers of Anniversary decided to keep the level design of the remake identical to that of the original. In fact, you can press a button at any time while playing the game and change the game's Xbox 360 graphics to the original Xbox graphics (there is a hell of a difference in detail).

But! But.... Ayoub said that "you may find ways to alter how you play a level." Hmmm. He was implying that that might make the Library level better. He wouldn't explain what the change would be. Skulls that change the behaviours of enemies? A spawnable Warthog to drive through that damn level?

He wasn't saying.

Ayoub's demo was an impressive nostalgia trip. He showed a play-through of one of the game's original areas. Switching the graphics form the 360 remake to the original Xbox's would drop the detail from beaches, remove background pipes and girders in an indoor area. It simplified the sky, made waterfalls look like abstract art. But the gameplay looked oh-so-familiar. It's not been changed. In fact, Ayoub said that the game uses the gameplay engine of the original Halo, running simultaneously with the more modern graphics engine.

Anniversary will support two-player online co-op and splitscreen multiplayer. It will come with seven multiplayer maps based on levels from Halo 1-3. One of those maps will be a Firefight level. The remake's campaign will also include new informational terminals that will spawn movies that reveal part of the history of the Halo structure on which the game is set.

Oh, and Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary will have Achievements. Ayoub is keeping them secret for now.

The game is being overseen by 343, the campaign is being handled by Saber Interactive; the multiplayer by Halo map pack veterans Certain Affinity. The game will be out on November 15.

Halo came out a decade ago.

You're old.

And the Library still sucks... maybe.


    The Library was frustrating, but I loved it anyway :P

    I loved the Library.

    Fond memories of a shotgun and The Flood.

      Yeh I agree, The Library was a great experience, like proper survival horror stuff.

    "Anniversary will support two-player online co-op and splitscreen multiplayer. It will come with seven multiplayer maps based on levels from Halo 1-3"

    Now all I want to know is have they touched the multiplayer code? They say the engine is exactly the same the original so no changes to the way the game plays however they are also saying they have added levels. If this still keeps the exact same multiplayer gameplay from the first game I will be extremely happy.

    Over powered pistols and all I want to go back to that multiplayer, and maps from the later games would just make it all the better

      "The remake’s campaign will also include new informational terminals that will spawn movies that reveal part of the history of the Halo structure on which the game is set."

      That sounds pretty cool too

      Didn't they say the multiplayer levels were coming on a seperate disc to be played with Reach. So technically they're Reach MP levels based on Halo CE locales.

        This is correct. Apparently 313 didn't want to segment the community. Single-player is the original code running on a new graphics engine, multi-player is Reach with Classic maps. That means the whole lot, Armor Abilities, assassinations, everything. I was concerned when I saw an assassination in the trailer. At least the single-player is the same. Let's hope enough people make enough noise and they decide to put in original multi-player.

    I hated Halo and never understood why it was so popular. It seemed so inferior to other FPS' that came out before it.

      That's just not true! Come on man! When the first Halo come out on the Xbox there was nothing that could touch it.


      It's because of the bright fluoro plasma rounds and haunting jingles. It's like playing a poker machine. Addictive and only an 88% return on your investment. Playing another FPS of the same vintage is like playing a matchstick poker game in a damp, musty basement.

      Halo is a great game.

        And those bastards who dropped a grenade every time they left a room... so you'd go chasing after them and boom.




    Im glad halo 1 is staying halo 1 with added halo 4 easter eggs

    Question is will this have a halo reach multiplayer disk? Or will this also be a dlc expansion?

    Need to clear this up

    Hmm not too sure how I feel about the Multiplayer aspect of this then.. I did notice that assassination in the trailer, but thought they were adding features from Reach to it.

    Hopefully it keeps the same weaponry from Halo1 and not Reach. Or have the option to remove armour abilities and Halo Reach stuff to keep it Classic.

    Bloody hated the Library. I was replaying Halo on my 360 recently, got up to the Library and, remembering what the level was like, decided it wasn't worth my time to get through it to the final bits of the game.

    I loved the library, it was the reclaimer gauntlet; proper horror stuff that we never saw in halo again.

    That's an interesting definition of 'gift'

    Hey fans! Here's a gift, I knew you wanted it all along, so here it is!*

    *35 Euro.

    In all honesty, it's a shameless cash grab because this is only the first Halo and it's guaranteed Halo 2 will get the same treatment so everything makes the jump to 360.

    Loved it but was fairly scared of it especially at such a young age late at night and that music. it was such a different tone to the glorified feeling from the rest of the game.

    Almost every weekend me and my friends used to have Xbox lans and have the most exciting 8 player CTF matches, then when Halo 2 came out it just wasn't the same and we missed the multiplayer maps. So that's where my nostalgia is and if it's not included then count me out.

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