The Single Greatest Trailer For The Greatest Games Of E3

Can you imagine if this was one game? One shooting, stabbing, jumping, running, driving, flying master piece of gore, politics, character growth, feminism and dude-brotopia?

It could never happen, but for a bit more than three minutes Polygamia managed to mash together all of the games of E3 into this one singular video event.

Enjoy and then tell me the genre this fictional polyplott would be shoe-horned into if it ever came to market.

E3 2011 - wszystko co najlepsze upchnięte w jednym zwiastunie [, thanks Konrad]


    No inclusion of Skyward Sword saddens and confuses me =(

      i dont think i saw any Nintendo games there either, but it was a good clip

    It needed more POWER

    Nice recap, some games I missed in there.
    Though a game with all that may be a tad broken.

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