These Batman: Arkham City Controllers Won't Decapitate Anybody

Here's a first look at Power A's Batarang controllers in the flesh. They're more mediocre "Xbox peripheral" than deadly weapon, but if you like lights, they've got those!


    Pretty stupid that the PS3 Ones are shaped exactly like a 360 controller

      Could also be considered a clever move, since a lot of PS3 gamers like 360 controllers.
      I'm considering getting one for that reason (and it appears people below are too).

        Indeed. I own all 3 main consoles, and I have to say as much as I love the ps3, Im hating its controller. If this controllers nice, I may pick up 2 or 3 of them for the ps3 just for its layout alone.

        Definatlye a good move, one of the main reasons I don't like gaming on the PS3 is because of the controller.

      Yeah i agree, i hate the 360 controller... they should have kept it the same. If people wanna use a 360 controller, they'll buy a 360.

        Yea i have been using the ps3 controller all my life and i was actually considering buying one of these controllers until i saw that the layout is set up like an xbox 360 controller. they just dont feel right to me.

    Still looks better than what Nintendo has been offering as controllers these past years.

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo why can noone make a correct PS controller!

      Because ergonomics is key. The PS controller layout may be a signature feature for the consoles but ergonomically they're rubbish.

    Ugly, but if it means that there will be a reasonably priced and easily available 360 shaped controller for the PS3, I will buy it.

      +1 been wanting a 360 shape/style controller for ps3!

        Power A have already released a 360 style controller for the PS3. It's available at EB

          I have one of those, they're garbage, constant disconnects, massive dead spot in the sticks, stay away, mines rotting in the drawer.

    Quite a smart move. I hardly play my PS3 for the pure fact of its controller layout. Provided it works exactly like a normal PS3 controller, I'm going to buy one that way I can enjoy playing for PS3 games!

    For me personally, its going to make playing online much easier.

    So are these just going to be for sale? Or are they going to be a pre-order incentive for Arkham City?

    Does anyone know why they never make these (360) controllers wireless? It just seems crazy not to, so I assume they must have a reason

      M$ wont allow 3rd parties to use their wireless "tech"

    When I can we buy these? Any ideas plox?

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