This Shooter Was Lost, But Now Is Found

It's a messy, sad tale, so we'll give you the brief version: In 2001 there was an awesome game called Operation Flashpoint. After release, its developers and publisher split up, leaving the series in creative limbo.

Codemasters, the company publishing the game, retained the rights to it, and has gone on to release several new titles in the series.

Yet it was Bohemia Interactive who pioneered the idea and developed the first game. This is why they went off and made the ArmA series, which are basically Operation Flashpoint games without the name. Confusing for consumers, annoying for Bohemia.

That sad tale has a happy ending today, though, as the Czech developers revealed that the original 2001 game, Operation Flashpoint, has been "discontinued". In its place, they've regained the rights to release the game (if not use the Flashpoint name), and are bringing it back into the ArmA family where it belongs, renaming it Arma: Cold War Assault.

There's no major changes or updates or anything like that going on. They're just welcoming the prodigal son home!



    ALL! Move to... HOUSE!........ UNDER FIRE!



    Ahhh nostalgia; so many fond memories with this game.

    Just what we need, another military shooter

      I'm not a fan at all of these games but they are DRASTICALLY different to your standard military FPS ala Battlefield and COD.

      You obviously did not read the article. This isn't cod or battlefield , its navigating by compas, patrolling the woods at 2 in the mowing with a 12 man squad. Full scale warfare across multiple fronts it's as real as it gets and a version of it is used by the military for training. It was a massive technical acheivment for it's time and is one of the finest games ever made.

      Back in your box.

      Did you even read the article? They are releasing the old game under a new name, some people are such knobs.

        You can also install it if you own the original game and... lost the disc or are too lazy to put it in the disc tray.

        Helps that it's prepatched with the latest version, though.

      Better than another SCI-FI shooter...

    OH NO
    IS DOWN!

      I cannot begin to recall how many times i heard that particular phrase, usually after a tank shell or rifle round passed through the space my body was occupying :P

    4, 5, 6 move to bush 50 meters 8 O'clock. FIRE!!!!..... Cannot fire. Oh, no! 4 is down, 5 is down, 6 is down.


    Spent so much time trying to make custom maps in this game, the editor was just so buggy. Great times though, we need more games of this quality.

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