Welcome Back, PlayStation Home Users, Have 100 Pieces Of Crap

Sony's online virtual community PlayStation Home has its own little version of the "Welcome Back" package, which has seen PS3 owners get some free games. Only, in Home, you don't get games. You get stuff.

One hundred pieces of stuff, to be clear, each Home user able to claim a whole bunch of stuff like gloves, t-shirts and, since it wouldn't be PlayStation Home without it, virtual designer European furniture.

There will also be two new personal spaces (one a drug dealer's mansion, the other based on Dragon's Lair) and a casino for users to bump and grind around in.

PlayStation Home Welcome Back Package Details [Sony]


    Well, it's certainly the only way I'll ever have more clothing/furniture accessories - I don't use Home nearly often enough to justify paying for it.

    And bear in mind, I'd paid for clothing for my Xbox Live avatar - which does NOTHING.

    Never used home and i never will, but you can't say that stuff is crap, the shark hat/helmet is fricken awesome!

    Playstation Home still exists? Does it actually DO anything yet?

      You can watch Sony's E3 conference in it.

    Woo I can dress an imaginary doll that looks almost but not entrirely nothing like me. Why are we paying attention and/or cash for this virtual crap. I know this is free but are other people out their really going to drop at my digital feet and praise me for having generic-shootemup-logo shirt #35?

    Can I show women in bars a printout of my Avatar as an instant get laid card?

    *Stares at virtual clothing*

    *top of skull screws of like a bottle top*

    *brain gets out holding two suitcases labelled 'emotional baggage' and moonwalks out of frame right*

    People actually use PS Home? I honestly thought it was a Second-Life clone and that Sony shelved it? Wow. It actually exists.

      It does and it makes them a shitload of money, there are heaps of people that do buy stuff and the ingame games like Sodium are quite popular.

      Like Avatar clothes, overall it does nothing, but a dollar here and a dollar there, it adds up very very fast.

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