Your PS3 Will Soon Be Ready For The PlayStation Vita [UPDATE]

Later this week, the PS3 will update to a nice, clean, round number: v4.0. Those hoping for something drastic will be disappointed, but there's still some important work being done under the hood.

When it's pushed live, the PS3 will be able to communicate with the PlayStation Vita, a mildly necessary function since the new handheld will be able to swap games, music, photos, and videos with your PS3, along with stuff like save games and system update files.

While it may sound like Sony is getting in a little early, remember, the Vita is out in Japan in two weeks. And with the handheld being region free, there'll be enough importers in other parts of the world to make the update worthwhile.

UPDATE - And BAM, just like that, the update is already live for some users.

PS3 System Software Update (v.4.00) [Sony]


    Yay, just need to get home, install and wait till the 17th to pick it up

      Or get home, update and wait til the 17th for the endless updates to complete. Lol.

        If he starts now, he might be ready by the 17th :P

    Well the new PS3 4.00 Firmware has been released in Japan – Translated here:

    Also ads PSVita Support and some other changes. Its 180MB.

    Download update here: Japan:

    Australia / EU:


    File dated November 30 as indicated "2011_1130" which is the Japanese date format Year / Month / Date – so its 30th November 2011.

    Presumably this will also enable their system that will allow you to re-buy your PSP games off PSN at a bargain price. At least in Japan. Have they said yet whether that program is getting expanded to the rest of the world?

      Translated from Japanese - UMD Passport Programme -

    Best part - the epilepsy warning whenever you boot up.

      Perhaps they are preparing us for a pokemon release on a Sony system.

    Also, you can now set the language to English - United Kingdom. No more color, center, etc.

      Bully! Tip-top old chap!

        Hurrah! Hurrah! I will tally ho to my preachers tea and boot up ye olde system. Perhaps I can watch some colour programmes from the Antipodes my cheery chums. Pip. Pip. Before I end up in gaol.

    Perhaps a silly question, but will the PS Vita be able to remote control a PS3 (the Remote Play function)?
    If yes, the chances of me getting one of these will increase significantly.

      Nevermind, it seems that PS Vita will support Remote Play with the PS3, if the settings menu is to believed.

    pity they are being d**ks with the memory cards. guess ill not get it or weight till either sony changes their mind about it or someone starts producing them at a reasonable price

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