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Each week throws off several new video game lists ranging from the humorous to the trivial. What's better? A list of those. Here's a roundup of the rundowns out there.

The Five Most Hated Brands in Gaming [Unreality Magazine]Unreality Magazine did a cocktail-napkin resentment calculation and came up with Kotaku as its third-most despised brand in gaming. The other four are the usual villains. It's not every day we can say we're bigger than Activision or Sony.

The Six Most Ominious Trends in Video Games [Cracked]Not on this list: "Making Unreality Magazine's List of Hated Brands."

Top 10 Vertical Game Worlds [Gaming Bolt]Interesting lineup; last year we saw the fad of bragging about how large your world was, in terms of horizontal terrain. Gaming Bolt takes to the sky.

Five Announcement Trends from E3 That Aren't Going Away Anytime Soon [Damnlag]I got back from L.A. thinking I had a great time. Then I read this and realised I was supposed to be miserable.

13 LEGO Games We Want to See [1UP]These submissions come from 1UP's readers and are quite good. Of the ones that I think could come close to happening, LEGO Ghostbusters is the best.


    To be fair, the new layout is bloody awful

    Kotaku US does deserve to be on that list. The layout is flat-out horrible (even if you do switch-back to 'traditional'). Layout aside (doesn't really affect us reading Kotaku Australia; the layout isn't as bad), most of the U.S. articles are horrible. The writing is poor, the topics selected are rubbish; too much focus on 'a current affair'-style crap.

    Perhaps the only decent U.S. writer was Tim Rogers (or was he from Kotaku Japan?). Speaking of Kotaku Japan, Brian Ashcraft isn't that good either (I think he was from Kotaku Japan; either way he's a rubbish writer).

    At least on the other hand, the Kotaku Australia articles just keep getting better and better. If it wasn't for the quality of Mark's articles, I wouldn't even bother reading Kotaku.

      Seconded. Kotaku Australia is actually pretty damn good, and the local writers can actually *write*.

      Having checked out the US site from time to time, we're not missing a thing by the localisation.

      Saying that, a Bashcraft free Kotaku Australia would improve it by about 150%.

      Agreed Mark writes awesome articles yet the US guys write some terrible random crap. Makes the junk on IGN look sensible. It's the same sort of mentality as today tonight or ACA its not real journalism.

    Got to agree with the other commenters, the Aus Kotaku site is great (including the writers and contributors). The US site is terrible and I don't bother with it anymore. It seems the Australian Gawkers sites seem to get more leeway as to how they operate?

    "Their issues started a while back, when they started veering in and out of journalism by getting facts wrong or skimping on articles that should have been more in depth.'

    Who cares. Kotaku gives me enough and keeps me informed.

    Agree with the consensus.


    Entertaining and inclusive local community;

    Locally produced posts are top-shelf games journalism 95% of the time;

    Less snark than the Americans who write for the site, and less of a focus on 'inside' jokes and trivia that only gamers would know;

    RSS feed does do an excellent job of distilling important games news through to your RSS program of choice;



    The aggregation is still used as an excuse for outright thievery at times - case in point those articles with embedded multimedia;

    Those obnoxious 'images with large text slapped across them' things to illustrate the gist of the article;

    Too difficult to track new comments in articles, especially those with lots of commenters.

    Now there are lots of things that all the current 'major' videogame news sites can't do right - E3 2011 coverage showed a lot of each of their failings. But Kotaku by default relies on its audience a hell of a lot so this is why we want it to know we care.

    I have to agree about the entire US Gawker layout. Its terrible. Im very happy with the Australian layout though.

    I do have the shits up with Gizmodo and Life Hacker as of late because of their complete bias towards iPhone this, iPad that, Mac too and Android in the mix too.

    Theres next to no coverage of Windows 8, WP7, Metro, Mango, etc. . .
    Windows is on the cusp of a huge comeback, mark my words.
    Releasing Kinect dev tools for PC and WP7. Opening the Windows platforms to make it easier for home developers.

    If you can get over the whole 'hate MS' thing and start to look at what they are doing you will see there are some great developments in the works.

    Oh, I do wish there was a way to track my comments on the Australian sites though.
    I can over at io9, but thats the only US Gawker site I visit and you have to register and log in to post.

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