West/Zampella Vs Activision Will Most Likely Go To Trial

Jason West and Vince Zampella filed a lawsuit against Activision for breach of contract and now a Los Angeles Superior Court judge has ruled that there is enough evidence to support allegations of fraud, based on the claims that Activision knowingly fired the pair before royalty payments were due.

This follows news from March that Activision's counter suit against EA will also go to trial, after a Judge found that Activision had sufficient claims against EA.

It's a complicated situation. West and Zampella claim that Activision owe them roughly $125 million in unpaid royalties, whilst Activision believe that EA had called and urged the pair to leave despite the fact they were under contract.

Unless the two reach a settlement, it looks like this argument will be settled in court.

West and Zampella Case Likely To Go To Trial [Gamasutra]


    Are the dates on this right? This went to court May 23rd.

      Things go to court more than once. They brought in EA and then scheduled a NEW court date. These things take ages.

    this case will be interesting

      all further information on this case will hopefully be revealed and hopefully will not end in an undisclosed settlement

    "whilst Activision believe that EA had called and urged the pair to leave despite the fact they were under contract."

    I may be dumb but I still can't see how this is a problem. Yes, if they BREAK contract then there is consequences, but just talking about things that are non-confidential? ok in my books.

    Not to mention, if you're treating your property right, you won't have it running away with new friends.

    Can you unknowingly fire someone?

    Someone should sue the lot of them for their appalling post release support - any try play COD4 on the xbox lately? Its a hacker's paradise.

    It's not complicated. Activision owes them money. A lot of money.

    A Judge or Jury (How does the American system work?) will almost certainly side with them.

    Re: this went to court

    The peanut butter trade tied up a challenge regarding legislation on the the % of peanuts required in a jar in the US courts for 10 years.

    A Malaysian company originally ordered to pay around $350mill in arbitration has managed to keep the case going 27 years without paying a cent.

    This'll take a while..

    I wonder how the case's publicity is going to affect the MW3 sales campaign, as a lot of dirty laundry is probably going to be washed in public?

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