WWE ’12 Is A Proper Franchise Reboot

WWE ’12 Is A Proper Franchise Reboot
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In my humble opinion this year’s WWE All Stars made every other wrestling game released in the last decade appear stodgy and unplayable. It seems like THQ agreed. Instead of going for another annual release of the Smackdown vs Raw franchise they’ve skipped a year. WWE ’12, a complete reboot, is the end result.

IGN has a preview of some of the game’s latest features here. WWE ’12 seems to be a more fluid fighting experience that attempts to mimic the back and forth flow of good WWE matches. Integrated into this are a number of new mechanics that allow players to dramatically turn the tide of the match in their favour.

We fully support this reboot. The Smackdown vs Raw series had become bloated to the point of no return, featuring ancient mechanics that needed reworking from the ground up. At one point wrestling games truly were every bit as influential and important as other fighting games, hopefully WWE ’12‘s new mechanics will allow wrestling fans to relive those glory days once more.

E3 2011: WWE ’12 Rises [IGN]


  • Really getting my hopes up for this. The Smackdown games had become so clunky and unenjoyable but I agree, All Stars brought back the pure fun to WWE games that I haven’t felt since playing No Mercy on the N64.

    Fingers crossed!

  • I stopped buying SvR after 2006. The games just got to the point where all the good features were either being stripped away, or just unchanged for so long that it felt like I was playing an early PS2 era game.

    Wildgoose sent me a copy of 09 a while ago and it pretty much just re-confirmed the fact that the series isn’t moving at all.

    • svr06 was awesome, and I agree with you saying that was the last fun one. I miss the arcade feel and face-button grapples. They may even address the character-clipping issues. Now if there were only more wrestlers that I cared about these days…

  • I’m probably gonna get flamed for this but I really liked SDvR2k11, Thought to be honest the inclusion of Universe mode was what made it fun in my opinion.

  • Oh man, where are Spike and Aki these days? They made the best pro wrestling games.

    Fire Pro and King of Colosseum got it right; it wasn’t about winning a “fight” it was about working the match and entertaining the crowd.

  • Are you high, Mark? WWE All Stars was just horrible! It couldn’t beat the awesomeness that has been the Raw vs. Smackdown series.

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