WWE Raw, SmackDown And NXT Are Now On Binge In Australia

WWE Raw, SmackDown And NXT Are Now On Binge In Australia
Image: Binge
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Wrestling has been on a hot streak lately, and now it’s easier than ever to tune in. Over the weekend, a brand new WWE Centre appeared on local Aussie streaming service Binge, giving fans in Australia an easier, cheaper route for on-demand WWE.

Previously, fans could tune into shows on Foxtel, Kayo, or weeks later on the WWE Network. Now, they’ll be available on a major streaming service for the first time. New episodes will drop weekly on a time delay, and you’ll be able to catch up with everything WWE has to offer a few days after shows air.

Here’s when new content will drop on Binge:


WWE SmackDown

NXT Highlights





Smackdown Highlights


RAW Highlights



binge wwe australia raw smackdown
Image: Binge

It’s a great move on Binge’s part, and adds to a steadily growing list of reasons to sign up for the platform. Between its HBO Max content, CW shows and AMC hits, Binge is snapping up some mighty fine properties this year.

Currently, there are only single episodes of recent WWE shows available on Binge, so you can’t quite binge yet (you’ll need the WWE Network for that) but expect this new partnership to grow with time. Binge will be the new home of WWE shows going forward, and while you won’t be able to catch shows live, it’s a great option for playing catch up.

The inclusion of Afterburn and Bottom Line is also fantastic — these shows whittle down each week’s episodes of Raw and SmackDown into a tight 45 minutes so you don’t have to catch up on all five hours at once.

Interestingly, the cover image for NXT is a bit outdated — it features Bronson Reed (newly released) and Adam Cole (newly released, and now in AEW) — but that just goes to show how fast the world of wrestling changes.

If you’re not keen to sign up to an extra streaming platform like Kayo, or to pay for Foxtel’s more premium cable service, Binge is set to fill a very important gap in the market. For all your future WWE needs in Australia, you now know where to go.

This article has been updated with new information about the WWE schedule on Binge, and when new shows will drop on the platform.


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