A Town With NPCs Is The Most Exciting Thing About These Final Fantasy XIII-2 Screens

Look! It's an actual town, complete with people with ellipses over their heads, indicating that they wish to speak to you! Oh Square Enix, you do love us.

At times Final Fantasy XIII-2 feels like an interactive apology for everything that was wrong with Final Fantasy XIII, but that's only because it is just that. One of the major problems with the first game was the fact that you never got a chance to just wander about exploring a city, a hallmark of the franchise. Well here we go. Cities to explore.

This is all I wanted, Square Enix. Now flood me with images of elaborate cut scenes, teasing shots of Lightning, and convoluted battle systems all you want. I am ready.


    Looks good:)

    I just hope in this one there's an option to pause the battles while you select a new paradigm, trying to pick the right thing out of the menu in a rush was always a pain.

    I wouldn't really take one screenshot as an indicator of towns being in the game. There were NPCs in at least two spots in FF XIII. I just don't remember which chapter... And they didn't do anything... I'd say wait for some footage before getting hopes up.

      In XIII there was just people you'd run into that mumbled random stuff. This looks like you can have conversations with people that actually talk to you. Not just say random stuff like in XIII.
      Ily SE

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