Final Fantasy XIII-2 Arrives On Steam On December 11

Briefly: Final Fantasy XIII-2 arrives on Steam on December 11, complete with support for 60fps and variable display resolutions. The second game in the trilogy is now available for preorder at $US17.99. Square Enix has also announced plans to patch support for multiple resolutions into last month's PC release of Final Fantasy XIII in December as well. Previously the game was locked at 720p without player-made mods.


    Only really waiting for the 3rd as it is the only one I never played on console.

    I really loved FF13-2, one of my fav games actually, and one of the first I bothered to 'platinum'.

    Actually I played it on 360, but I really don't know what you call it on that... 100%?

      I never knew why Microsoft went with an arbitrary points system for achievements, trophies always seemed more logical and prestigious.

    It's even cheaper on Green Man Gaming at the moment, and there's a 25% off voucher code floating around the internet somewhere.

    Best game of the series (by which I mean the FFXIII games). Just a shame about the ending. And the subsequent sequel.

      I agree re best game of the series, but I didn't mind the ending or FF13-3 either.

      Story-wise I didn't care for Lightning Returns, but gameplay-wise I thought it was without a doubt the best of the 3 games. As soon as I finished it I wanted to play it again.

    I suspected that with enough people buying FFXIII, they would wise up and start making better ports. That's why I bought it, even though it was an awful one.
    Besides, it looks pretty awesome with GeDaSoTo in 1080p, and I'm actually enjoying the game. Official patch sounds good.

    Well I'm glad they're pushing out a patch for XIII as I was really hoping to get it as I missed playing it when I had it on my old 360. Guess I'll be getting that now along with XIII-2 as I never got to play that one, nor the 3rd instalment. Wish they'd bring X to PC though, X was and still is my favourite FF game.

    Interested but can't justify the amount of hard drive space it requires.

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