And Just Like That, Oblivion Looks Amazing All Over Again

It's aged a little now, but when Oblivion was first released, it was breath-taking. This new mod, Andoran, restores a lot of the game's swagger.

Andoran is a complete overhaul of Elder Scrolls IV. Conceived as a prologue to events in the core series, and remaining in canon, it's basically an entire new game, with a new map, new characters, new textures and new effects. There are also some additions to the core mechanics of Oblivion, like the ability to "hog tie" characters for abduction.

Due for release at the end of the year, it's entirely free, and only requires you have a licensed copy of Oblivion.

You can read more at the link below (which is in English, unlike the trailer above).

Andoran: Prologue [Andoran - Thanks everyone!]


    Not much of a fan of fan made games.. But I always appreciate and love the effort that goes into what they do with them. Looks pretty incredible for an aging engine! Wish they would add just a texture pack for the original Oblivion..

    We really need before/after shots.

    Those Ruskies sure love Oblivion. Many of the larger mods released over the last 2 years have been Russian. Looks great too!

      At least they're putting their efforts into creating shit for free instead of the piracy they're renowned for.

    Looks amazing.
    How dare they release this so close to skyrim.

    This looks incredible. End of the year, you say? With this and Skyrim, I don't think I'll be a very social person for a while come November...

    That link isn't even a little bit english.

    *At that time of year* Can't talk, Skyriming.

    If you like the graphics in this you should go check out OBGE for Oblivion.

    Adds a load of graphical features that make the game absolutely amazing to play.

    The guys who've been developing this must be pissed that Skyrim is going to be released before their deadline.

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