Avatar Kinect Is Now Available On Xbox LIVE

I haven't personally checked my own Xbox 360 yet, but according to Major Nelson's blog, Avatar Kinect is now available on Xbox LIVE for those that feel like giving it a bash.

"Express yourself with your Xbox avatar," exclaims the little blurb on the official Xbox site. See your facial expressions and gestures on your Xbox avatar as you chat with friends in our 3D stages and produce your own TV shows. Avatar Kinect requires Xbox LIVE Gold membership and is a large download but well worth it!"

To be perfectly honest, I don't know if I have enough people on my friends list who use Kinect regularly for the download to be "well worth it".

I'm sure I'll swallow down my cynicism and give it a try later tonight.


    I, for one, can't see it. It still says "coming soon"

    Am I the only one who can't read more of an article on my iPhone?

      Yes the (more) link on the mobile site is broked... I tried earlier. I like the new pink though

    Yes Mark, swallow that cynicism. SWALLOW!

      That's what (s)he said.

    Its not going to be up for Aussie users is it until we get the damned voice chat?

      How dare you question our fearless leader Serrels (I kid, but seriously, how dare you?)

      It is there guys. Just search for game marketplace>A>avatar Kinect..

      It is right down the bottom of the list. There is no spotlight feature but it is there. Just got it then.

        Oh, you gotta scroll across a few tabs to get to the download link, like the extra content tab or similar. Tricky to find.

        Have not used it, but it should be 650mb or something.

        Interesting news.. Indeed, how dare I.. I shall go hang my head in self loathing hatred.

        For shame of me :(

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