Awesome Portal 2 Secrets You May Have Missed...


    Such an amazing game. I played through it three times in a row and laughed like a crazed fool every time. I spotted most of these things, but didn't stay with that turret long enough for its foreshadowing. :D

    I carried the turret as far as I could until I got to one of those shields that obliterate anything you're holding. So I left it against a wall looking down a corridor and said "farewell"

    Only just finished Portal 2 on Saturday night. Great game, not super funny but I really got absorbed in the world. Also have done 4/5ths of the co op which I should be able to knock off this week.

    Probably GOTY for me unless something else (Torchlight 2) comes along before the end of the year.

    how are any of these secrets in fact most of them have associated achievments

      There's another nice surprise that isn't on the list. Towards the end of the game a certain character will advise you to come back as you flee. If you do they'll be pleasently surprised followed by a whole lot of dialogue on why you should throw yourself of a cliff. Highlight of the game.

        There's the 3 PORTAL DEVICE at the bottom of the cliff!

        Loved that part.

    While we're talking about awesome Portal 2 secrets, this list will blow your freakin' mind.

    The translated lyrics to the opera especially.

      Yeah, I was on that one just the other day actually. Plus, the entire Personality Core speeches were pretty cool too (the full thing wasn't in the game)

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