Can A Single Screenshot Make You Want To Play A Game?

I don't know the name of this soon-to-be-announced PC exclusive shooter from Polish developer Flying Wild Hog, but this one brief glimpse is all I need to know this is a world I'd like to hang out in. How about you?


    There are boobies on that billboard.

    So, I'm sold.

    Did anyone pick up that Blade Runner license Randy Pitchford admitted to passing on a while back? That sure looks the ticket!

    Another gorgeous but empty world.

    I understand populating a city with NPC's until it's squashy is massively computationally intensive, but I'm tired of all these beautiful empty cities.

    This has Syndicate written in 1000 words!

      I noticed this once I saw the full-size image then dropped down to see if anyone else had commented.
      At the very least it's cyberpunk, but while the blimp, advertising and style scream syndicate, especially the opening of the original, the mutant in the middle of the street and the company that released the image makes this a painful tease.

    Anything that looks remotely like blade runner and I'll snap it up... But what's that monster in the middle of the street?

    Yes... Like Stone I'm thinking Syndicate. Hope it's not a FPS.

    The thing I noticed was the long handrail on the right. The world looks pretty, but you are going pushed along a direct path in your journey...

    oh gee another cyberpunk game... >_<
    (although its good to see the Space Marine character finally being put to rest)

    It looks like Prey 2 and that UT tech demo vid from a few months back.

      The first and second thing I thought of when I saw it!
      Maybe every game will be a Sci-Fi action game now?

    Hmm, I look at it & think Rapture.

    This looks remarkably like the original Deus Ex.

    Moar dystopian cyberpunk!

    Each screenshot makes me want to play Arkham City, so I'd say yes... a screenshot can make you want to play a game.

    Reading the billboards makes it seem like the world has had a fair bit of thought put into it. Could be interesting.

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