Seven Minutes In Cyberpunk Shooter Heaven

Seven Minutes In Cyberpunk Shooter Heaven
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Earlier this month I took a good hard look at Hard Reset, the upcoming singleplayer shooter coming out next month from Polish developer Flying Wild Hog, telling you all about my favourite parts of the game. Now I can show you.

Thanks to Hard Reset‘s experimentally short public relations campaign, only a week and a half passed between the release of a watermarked press preview not for public consumption and the non-marked version you see here.

Fine, if they’re going to be fast, we can be fast as well. Let’s look at what I loved about Hard Reset.

This second demo was shorter than the first, coming to a stop shortly after the video’s abrupt ending. There was an overwhelming sense of disappointment as my play time was cut short, which can only bode well for Hard Reset. I’ve played through two demos in relatively rapid succession and I still want more.

Thankfully the full game should hit PC next month. I’ll probably make it.


  • I love the whole Blade Runner atmosphere this has going on, but I can’t help but wish the gameplay followed along those lines too. Just another generic shooter with very pretty visuals. Such a shame.

    • Prey 2 has something like blade Runner meets star wars esk setting. Where you are hunting down people in futurist environment.

      But i must say that its not going to be another generic shooter in that its gone back 10 years to classic shooters and started there, the lame hyper linear super scripted cover based shooting mostly on rails shooters of day. So Generic is a bit harsh.

      • So rather than emulate the generic shooters of today, it’s emulating the generic shooters of a decade ago. Still pretty generic.

        You’re right about it stripping away the linear corridor with chest-high walls formula, but it just doesn’t seem to have injected anything new to fill that space.

        The monsters could be from anything, as could the weapons. I guess what I’m saying is that the gameplay doesn’t look to be as distinctive as the visuals.

  • Looks a little rough around the edges, but I think this will be a day 1 purchase. Im still looking forward to seeing what these guys can do and the world they have created definitely got me interested.

  • I’m going to buy this… but I’m getting a sinking feeling that my laptop won’t be able to run it so I’ll have to wait an indeterminate amount of time to actually play it 😛

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