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So, the Steam Sales are over. You’ve bought nearly every single game that was on sale. Your wallet is crying out for you to have mercy. You glance at it, feeling slight pity for it. “Don’t worry,” you say, “I’m not planning on buying any more games for a while.” Your wallet sighs in relief. “Oh wait, Cheap$kate will be out today!” “Kill me now,” your wallet groans.

PC Digital Download Assassin’s Creed – $9.72 Assassin’s Creed 2 Digital Deluxe Edition – $4.99 Assassin’s Creed 2 Digital Deluxe Edition (Mac) – $4.99 Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Deluxe Edition – $32.47 Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Deluxe Edition – $32.47 F.E.A.R. Collection – $19.98 Far Cry Complete Pack – $12.97 Hacker Evolution Duality (PC + MAC) – $19.96 MLB 2K11 – $9.99

PC Retail Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 – $23.49 Dead Space 2 – approx. $19.20 Fallout 3 GOTY – approx. $19.20 Mass Effect 2 – approx. $19.20 Red Faction Armageddon: Command and Recon Edition – approx. $26.67 The Saboteur – approx. $7.42 Sid Meier’s Civilization 5 – $18.99 Tales of Monkey Island Collector’s Edition – approx. $23.67 Test Drive Unlimited 2 – approx. $19.20 Tropico 3 Gold Edition – $16.99 The Witcher [Enhanced Edition]Platinum – approx. $14.71

Xbox 360 Alan Wake – $17.99 Batman: Arkham Asylum – approx. $13.22 Call of Juarez: The Cartel – $49.99 Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – approx. $25.18 Crackdown 2 – approx. $10.23 Deadly Premonition (“Is that a jawa on the cover?” Edition) – approx. $16.21 GTA IV Complete – $32.99 Just Cause 2 – approx. $13.22 Mass Effect 2 – approx. $11.73 Saints Row 2 (Classics) – $18.49

PS3 Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood – approx. $19.20 Batman: Arkham Asylum – approx. $13.22 Call of Juarez: The Cartel – $49.99 Fallout New Vegas – approx. $22.19 inFamous 2 (so famous, it’s “in” famous) – approx. $43.11 Just Cause 2 – approx. $13.22 Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots – $22.99 Red Faction Armageddon: Command and Recon Edition – approx. $26.67 Star Wars The Force Unleashed II – $25.99 WWE All Stars – approx. $23.68

Wii Exerbeat Gym Class Workout – approx. $22.19 EA Sports Active 2 – approx. $19.20 Family Game Night 3 – approx. $19.20 Hello Kitty Seasons – approx. $19.20 We Sing: Robbie Williams – approx. $17.70

Know any other great deals? If so, comment below or on Facebook, and tell us where!


  • At least there are Wii games on the list this week. What’s the going rate at the usual places for the _popular_ titles?

  • OK, fine, looks like I’ll finally have to buy Just Cause 2 for my Xbox. Stupidpileofshamehascontinuedtogrowbiggerthismonthkillmenow…

    • Shame you should be for not playing Just Cause 2. I don’t often recommend games to people as everyone has their own tastes, however Just Cause 2 is the very defintion of dumb fun.

        • Just Cause 2 in a nutshell: Fake Antonio Banderas explodes Fake Thailand and has a hookshot.

          It is easily one of the best games of the last few years.

        • It’s mindless fun… the plot and characters are virtually non-existent, so it amounts to driving/running/flying around a giant sandbox island blowing up stuff.

          I enjoyed it, but I’m probably not gonna replay it.

    • I also want to add, force unleashed killed my 360 and I haven’t bothered to get it fixed yet. So why don’t they just pay me to play force unleashed 2, if there’s money in it for me, I might be interested.

  • For anyone who works in Melbourne CBD, ZoneAdrenelan on Bourke St is having a closing down sale and most games are under cost price.

    Picked up Beatles Rock Band and Prince of Persia for $20 each.

    • Honestly, your post wasn’t there when I hit Submit, though a 20 minute moderation time seems steep 😉

  • AdrenaLAN on Bourke St in Melbourne is closing down in 2 weeks 🙁

    Some very very good prices on offer as they are clearing out stock.

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