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Download Batman Bundle: Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY & Batman: Arkham City + DLC - $29.99 Empire & Napoleon: Total War GOTY - $14.98 Sanctum - $2.49


Retail Alan Wake Special Edition - ~$23.45 Dead Space 2 - ~$20.31 Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition - $29.99 THQ Limited Edition 10 Game Pack (Includes Metro, Darksiders, Saints Row 2 and more) - $46.99 Tom Clancy’s Collection (5 games) - $10.00

Xbox 360

Assassin’s Creed: Revelations - ~$23.59 Crysis 2 (Full Download Code) - $12.99 Final Fantasy XIII-2 - $24.24 Sonic Generations - ~$23.59 Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary - ~$23.59


Assassin's Creed: Revelations & Original Assassin's Creed - ~$23.59 Final Fantasy XIII-2 - $23.59 Goldeneye Reloaded - $29.9 Prince of Persia Trilogy - $19.00 Rage Anarchy Edition - $22.99

PS Vita

Army Corps of Hell - ~$23.59 Lumines: Electronic Symphony - ~$31.48 Touch My Katamari - ~$29.90 Silent Hill Book of Memories (Pre-order) - $43.99


De Blob 2 - $13.99 Disney Universe - $24.99 Mario and Sonic at the 2012 London Olympics - ~$31.48 Metroid Prime 3: Corruption - $14.99 Rabbids Party Collection - ~$20.43


Driver: Renegade 3D (3DS) - ~$23.59 LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean - $19.99 Lord of the Rings: Aragorn’s Quest - $5.00 Rabbids (3DS) - ~$23.59 Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir (3DS) (pre-order) - $47.99


    EB Games (at least in Logan Central, QLD) are selling Starwars The Old Repulic for $39.95 due to it being May the 4th (international starwars Day) that price will lasts until Monday I believe.

    Someone get Halo: CE Anniversary and let's play through the campaign.

      I'll join ya, as long as it's Legendary

        So long as you're not a kid.

          Ouch, been gaming for 15 years and still being asked if I'm a kid


      I've got Anniversary already, if you need someone. Might need to wait a week though (end of uni and all that). Gamertag is AshuraMGS3Sub.

    Crysis 2 codes are now sold out...damn

      Yeah, they have been sold out for at least a few days now. They went out of stock pretty quick.

        Really? I bought mine around this time yesterday and they said it shipped this morning.

        Stupid thing is that, well, it shipped! Why didn't they just email it to me??

          I bought one yesterday morning, also got email today saying it had shipped. I was aware of this though. They have said before they are not presently equipped to do the sensible thing and send you a picture of the code. I hope they get equipped soon.

            Oh okay. Maybe they got some more in when they advertised it as part of their special offers on Wednesday. Also yeah it is pretty silly that they cant just email you the code. I had to wait almost 3 weeks for my Gold subscription card.

              Really? I ordered that Fable 3, Reach & GoW 2 code on a Monday, got it that Thursday

    New Indie Royale bundle as well with Dungeon Defenders and some Digital Eel games

    If anyone knows the cheapest price for armored core 5 (360), let me know as I want to get it as a bday gift for a buddy

      Zavvi has it the cheapest, for about $31
      It usually takes at least 2 weeks for your order to arrive from them though, sometimes longer.

        I should've specified retail, his bday is tomorrow so I was hoping to pick it up after work :p

          JB HiFi looks like it has it the cheapest for $75 :)

    Gamestops' Impulse download service has Skyrim with Oblivion GOTY and Morrowind GOTY for pc for $58.04. Also From Dust for $9 and Arkham Asylum for $4. But I can't seem to buy them, order not processed yet I get charged a processing fee :(

    never heard of before. Has anyone used it before? Thumbs up/thumbs down?

      Not sure if typo or trolling but if that's a legit question then yes, I've used Mighty Ape before. I've bought from their NZ and AUS stores/sites and both are completely fine. Shipping was maybe 4-12 working days (the usual) but I can't really remember. They did take a while to ship out my pre-order for the UK import of Final Fantasy XIII-2 but they said they had received their shipment later than usual. Pre-ordered the normal NZ version of Yakuza 3 and also bought the Bioshock 2 Limited Collectors Edition recently and both came within a reasonable time so maybe FFXIII-2 was just a one-off delay.

      I'd buy from them again if their prices are right.

      Hope that helped :)

        Wasn't trolling, it was a typo.

        Thanks for the reply :)

    Green man gaming has a big paradox sale, while the Mount and Blade collection is 15 dollars and not 7.50 yesterday, I say its worst a check out anyways, they are some fun games right there (also dont judge a game on its looks)

    Game has The Darkness 2 for $38 new at the moment


    Max Payne PC digital copy $40 pre-order

    PSN has GOW collection 1 and 2 for $29.95 ATM (autumn sale)

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