GamePro Magazine No Longer Monthly, Undergoing Major Changes

GamePro Magazine No Longer Monthly, Undergoing Major Changes

GamePro, the games mag more than 20 years old, is no longer a monthly. The magazine will go quarterly as of November, changing to “a visually stunning, tactile experience” with “rich, engaging editorial” and bumping up its price. More at Industry Gamers.


  • How much higher can magazine prices go – most game mags here are already upwards of $11 a piece.

    I used to love GamePro when I was a kid, it was fantastic back in the day

  • I’m not worried about price, I’m worried about content. Why would I pay money for news/views that are three months out of date at the time of print, when I can read the current gaming affairs online for free?

    • That’s exactly why they had to change their model: Even 1-month-old news are no longer relevant when you get the news served fresh the minute they happen on your RSS feed. Reportage is not an important feature for specialised magazines like that so they might as well, give it up and dedicate to editorial comment and analysis and well, whatever the “rich tactile” experience they are going to offer is.

      Took them long enough if you ask me, magazines like EDGE and PLAY had been doing something like that for ages now.

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