How Many People Have Played Minecraft?

According to the game's designer, there have been 10 million registered Minecraft players, putting it in the same ballpark of World of Warcraft's 11.4 million players. [The World of Notch via Edge]


    how about active players though?

      Oh F. F. S! You know WoWs 10mil "active" players is wrong. They don't even have half that as genuine active players because they bolster that number by including game time cards...

    Once again Brian, one line is a sentence.

    Not an article.

    *pat pat* good on ya for trying though.

      General rule of thumb: If you can tweet it, the article needs more work.

      If only we could clone Serrels!
      *sad panda*

    I've played minecraft for far longer than I've played WoW as well =p

    I'm not surprised though,however I imagine that a lot of those 10million are the bandwagon group that is similar to wow (I got wow because everyone was playing it - I confess)

    But this news doesn't surprise me, it is (like vanilla wow) a very good game, put together well, and its open end means you never run out of crazy things to do (5 more minutes, just let me expand my underground farm!)

    Actually if you read on's statistics page, it only has 2706722 players that have paid for the game. The rest are just people that have registered on the site for whatever reason. Probably to play minecraft classic, which is being used as a demo. ;)

      We pirated it in my house at first. I'll admit it. But then I saw the value in it. We ended up buying 4 copies. 1 for me, 2 for my nephews and one for my son. It's been the best value game we've bought in years.

    Pretty big fan, I don't continuously play though. Jump on every couple of weeks with some new inspiration

    Last I checked, that was just for those who have registered (saving nick name and such), Minecraft actual sales (registered users who have paid for the game) are something like 2-3 million. And that's not counting the people who pirated the game.

    I have about 3 registered accounts, due to the fact I kept forgetting the usernames, no I didn't buy the game 3 times, that would be silly. Just like I have 2 accounts >_> only one is actually active & ever got used.

    It's meant to be "The Word Of Notch" not "The World Of Notch"

    Just sayin.

    sorry all but minecraft is the shittest game i have ever played! frankly it is pointless, just like this website, PEACE :D


    minecraft sux donkey dik

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