Minecraft Has Now Sold Over 12 Million Copies On PC

It sounds hyperbolic but, in a lot of ways, the story of Minecraft is the greatest video gaming story of the past 10 years. It's certainly the most unpredictable. Now the game has sold over 12 million copies. I'm on the statistics page of the Minecraft website and I'm refreshing it. Every time I refresh it the number jumps up. It makes me realise that dozens of people are buying this game every single minute.

Who knows how far this crazy thing will go.

It's already sold more copies than games like Half-Life, Battlefield 2 and Starcraft. It's now fast approaching Half-Life 2 and Diablo III. After it inevitably overtakes those game (they're all sitting at about 12 million) the only games ahead of it will be The Sims and The Sims 2. In the end, Minecraft may have a decent shot at being the best selling PC game of all time. I find that completely crazy.


    Well, my thoughts on this are very simple.
    It deserves to be.

      I've been getting back into it recently. Some of the mods are fantastic, and it's been scratching my creative itch. Been working on this Chinese-style imperial palace: http://i.imgur.com/NTPNYnA.jpg

        Wow, very impressive!
        i've played the game for years now and have never undertaken a big project in it.

        Currently am playing Feed the Beast modpack with a mate building a town and automating everything. Each building has different machines in it, trying to have nice neat cables (all hidden).

        A few screenshots of our current village... a little old now, I should take some inside the other buildings showing off automated machines :P

          Looking good =) I'm running FTB as well, but with some mods disabled. The pack is great, but it really chews up CPU and RAM like no tomorrow.

        Very cool stuff. That Palace is amazing.

    Still not buying it without a steam release, I'm way too lazy at this point in my life to remember another set of account details.

    Wow.. That's impressive. Wish me & my mates could come up with such a genius and addictive sandbox style game.

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