Minecraft Links Help Indie Game Sell 200,000 Copies In Nine Days

Minecraft Links Help Indie Game Sell 200,000 Copies In Nine Days

Terraria is a 2D game that has often (and somewhat unfairly) been called “Minecraft in 2D”. Not that the four developers care, since they’ve just sold 200,000 copies in a little over a week.

Spurred on by word-of-mouth, much of it stemming from the game’s supposed similarity to Minecraft, the $US10 game was first released on May 16. At time of posting, it was the top-selling game on Steam, ahead of games like The Witcher 2 and Portal 2.

What’s undoubtedly lured people towards the game is the fact it appears to operate much like Minecraft with a pinch of Castlevania thrown in, in that you explore a world and craft things while fighting monsters.

I’d say it’s a bit closer to being a 2D Dwarf Fortress myself. Well, a different kind of 2D than it is normally, anyway.


  • I purchased this a week or so ago, after failing to truly get into Minecraft. (which I think is more a lack of creativity on my part than anything)

    This game is great! Been playing multi with a mate over Hamachi, and been having a ball so far. There’s a ton of different materials and items to find or create, some potentially massive worlds to explore, and there’s even dungeons and bosses to go with it.

    It doesn’t have the artistic or creative flair of Minecraft, but so far, it’s been a hell of a lot more fun. (for me, anyway =))

  • Bought this when it came out i do rate it like minecraft except a little easier as the crafting is lazy and you only have to find the items but do love that anything you character carry in SP goes to MP and vice versa. Only problem i found was we had to use hamachi as for some reason didn’t except normal port forwarding in modem. All in all a fun game and has its place in indie gaming

  • The main difference is that Terraria is about action and exploration, with loads of items and weapons to find and fight with. Problem is, there’s not much to do once you’ve found everything, since building is rather limited.

    The devs promise more content though, so once all of the bug fixing is done I’m hoping it’ll come through at a steady rate to keep the game fresh.

  • tried and tried but I just can’t play it for more than a few minutes, it feels like more work than my… work.

  • From what I’ve read/seen this game gains a lot out of the simple multi-player capabilities, eg. 4 play co-op exploring, mining, building together. As opposed to Minecrafts more complicated server process.

    The video link below is Seananners at Machinima and the video makes it look incredibly fun but I know it would only be a fraction of the fun if played alone.


  • Best game.

    Its not minecraft sure it has inspiration from it but its no where near it!

    Its fun and a large grind

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