In Debt Halo Cosplayer Takes His Armour To Pawn Stars

How much would you say a used suit of MJOLNIR assault armour, from Halo, is worth? This guy thinks about $US2000. The History Channel's Pawn Stars thinks it's a bit less.

Maybe if it was actual functioning armour could Chumlee here come up to that kind of asking price, which the guy already figured was reasonable considering he really wanted $US5000 for it. But even though the shop is on the look out for video game collectibles, a hobby piece like this one doesn't have much chance of flipping, certainly not for $US2000.

But... chicks dig it! Says the seller. A-and he knows of another suit that sold for $US15,000! To see just how bad they dump all over his dreams, check out the link. The segment begins at the three-minute mark and does not take long to watch.

Pawn Stars: Off the Wall [The History Channel, via GameInformer]


    Considering all the hours that go into making something like that, a price that high doesn't really seem all that unreasonable. At least from the maker's side of things.

      I recently attempted to sew a cos-play-ish item of clothing and it's difficult and expensive enough to do that so I can't even imagine the amount of time, stress and money creating armour would require.

    Video doesn't work it just plays an ad then asks if you wanna replay a video, then when you click on the video it just does the same thing again.

    Gotta agree with the other posters, an epic amount of work has gone into that costume. I'm interested to see how much this show reckons it's worth but I bet I'd be thinking they're a bunch of uninformed idiots who have no clue how to value things. Cosplay gear can sell for a pretty penny, especially high quality stuff, and I bet they have absolutely no clue about the value of this sort of thing.

    I'm sure its worth money to someone but masterchief looks a bit short these days

    They offered him $100

    $2000 is actually pretty cheap for a full play cosplay suit. If you've ever actually been to something like Supanova you'll see suits on sale there topping $5k

    I'm sorry but spend as much as you want on a making a costume, it is worth next to nothing in resale value. I'm spending a fair bit of money on my Sub Zero costume for Arma this year but to think it's worth anything to someone else is stupid at best.

    Some of these people on Pawn Stars need desperately for someone to tell them about eBay. :-P

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