This Might Be The Most Incredible Suit Of Halo Armour Ever Created

This suit. Wow. When you try and create a replica of Kat's suit of armour from Halo: Reach, you have some choices to make. One is to half arse it, another is to give up. Another is to spend 10 months creating the most incredible suit of armour we've ever seen. LilTyrant from the 405th Infantry Division forums? She did the 10 month thing. And the end results are startling.

You know when you go and get measured for a tailored suit? And it fits better, looks better, and the end result is... better? That's basically what LilTyrant did. Except, instead of a regular suit, she fit herself for a goddamn suit of Spartan Armour. Then she handmade every single part of it and built it from scratch. Including a complete undersuit. This may be the most detailed Spartan armour ever made.


If you're interested in more details, I thoroughly recommend heading to the forum post where LilTyrant goes into the nitty gritty of how she put this all together. It truly is an incredible achievement. Well done.

Thanks to Warcroft for sending it in!


    That's pretty cool.

    Fun fact: I was half way through the game before I realised Kat had a robotic arm. Iam observant.

      You mean she has a robotic arm?!

      ..took me two playthroughs to realise. Srsly. :[

      OT: That is some astounding work. The level of detail .. wow.

        Yeah it's for her robotic handjobs :). She was so useless, cool costume though

    Aside from the helmet, which is good in its own right but not necessarily to the ingame version, this is absolutely badass. The amount of detail is pretty impressive, and it's hilarious seeing how amazing this looks when the suit from the Forward Unto Dawn series looks terrible in comparison.

      It wasn't terrible its just if they were going with any master chief armor look it should have been the new look from Halo 4, the one he has in forward unto dawn looks like the one from Halo legends which I may mention was made by Japanese people.... it's also weird that his fellow Spartans are wearing Halo Reach style armor permutations when the chief looked like some giant Mattel toy

    I thought that was a child's sized armour to begin with >.>

      Ditto. Something about the big helmet on the small body screamed kids halloween (or is that halo'ween) costume

    This is the coolest thing, I've ever seen.....

    It's amazing what people come up with these days.
    Check out the RPF forums to see a heap of other examples of what kind of replica armor people can make.

    Even looking closely at the stitching and seams of the leather. Extremely detailed!

    This makes me never want to try wearing a costume in public ever again.

    Seriously though, it does remind me i should start planning my PAX costume sooner rather than later.

    And just like with Master Chief I just want to see what's under the helmet. And in this case maybe the armour.

    I like how her first post on the forum starts with "I'm new to armor making and this whole forum thing".
    Then she goes and smashes every single previous cosplay attempt by anyone else.

    Most impressive. I've always dreamed of being able to do a costume with this level of detail and effort.

    One day...

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