The Jilted Man Who Sold His Engagement Ring And Bought A Master Chief Suit

This is perhaps the best thing I've read all week. Man gets engaged, man gets jilted. Man stares at his former fiance's engagement ring. Man has epiphany. Man sells engagement ring, uses engagement ring to buy a giant Master Chief suit of armour.

Not only is the raw core of this story incredible, the way it was written is plain inspiring. This isn't a story picked up by local press gone global — the jilted lover himself actually wrote this piece over at The Bygone Bureau, and it's a really poignant, funny piece of writing. This story will absolutely resonate with anyone who has ever been dumped, and even if you haven't it's a great story beautifully told.

But what is it to be the Master Chief? Outside of the attention at conventions and the joyfully looks on my friends and coworkers faces when I show off pictures in the suit, why him? I mean, in his life story, he saved the human race. Me? I once adopted a chinchilla off Craigslist.
Here’s the thing.
Master Chief is a faceless man of few words. He’s easy to identify with, his character written nice and distant. The fate of mankind rests on his shoulders and he handles it with the cool demeanor of Clint Eastwood. He destroys ships the size of moons, flies through Earth’s atmosphere, defeats enormous, monstrous creatures, all with a careless grace. Like it’s not a big deal. Most importantly, even though Master Chief is a legendary character, anyone could be him, even someone nursing a broken heart. Whether you’re a kid swearing at people on Xbox Live or a sad, grown man, he offers up the perfect escape into something extraordinary. He saved the human race, and consequently, saved me.

And that's just part of it. I loved this story and I think you will too.

Master Grief [The Bygone Bureau]

Thanks Brassafrax!



      I thought the story sounded familiar.

        Aw, even @markserrels doesn't read the US Kotaku stories...

          Can't blame him. . .

            If this has already been seen before let's use this as an opportunity to discuss chinchillas, What are they? What's their "deal"? Fluffy rats?

      I missed the post when it was posted back in 2011, so I'm glad Mark re-posted it.
      Besides, Mark's posts are always classier.

    He's kinda lucky actually that the soul-destroying girlfriend broke the news to him before he handed over the ring. Because I've heard more than my fair share of stories of fiance's that have done a runner and kept the ring for themselves, leaving the poor guy with a broken heart AND a broken wallet.

      Every cloud does have a silver lining

      If what I understand of the law is accurate, and I make no guarantees when we live in a world where Lawyers could argue the sky is red and win.

      But the Ring is considered a conditional gift that may only be kept if the marriage contract is fulfilled hence a person running off with the Engagement ring is guilty of theft. The thing is most people are often so heartbroken the last thing they care about is the ring.

      And People, if you've ripped out their heart or it's just not working give back the ring. It's the classy thing to do.

      I tried to keep this gender neutral because quite honestly I'm not against gay marriage and I'll say yes you should have it. But I'm not so pro as to put more effort into making it happen, then signing your petition.

    That poor guy, I hope the next lady he finds is a better sort!

    As mentioned above, this was already posted on kotaku a year ago.

    I swear I heard about this, a very long time ago

    If the first thing he did was buy a Master Chief outfit... sounds like SHE dodged a bullet to be honest.

      Either way he's gonna end up sipping some grandma's old medicine.

      I kind of agree. I like nerd/geek stuff too, but sometimes all this outfit and cosplay stuff just seems weird and creepy to me.

      I say "kind of" because I am very much a "each to their own" kind of guy. But barring fancy dress or halloween parties, you'd never catch me dressing up as one of my favourite fictional characters as a hobby/interest.

        "Within that shell, whether it’s made of cardboard, plastic, fabric, fiberglass, or steel, hidden away there is a figure worthy of attention. It’s the person who put all their heart and soul into a project, and now they’re wearing their work all over them."

        This more or less sums up everything about people who dress up as their favourite characters. You might not get it, but that doesn't make it wierd or creepy.

          I'm sure a lot of people do put effort into their cosplay, it is still weird to see adults walking around dressed as Batman or Vader for the sake of it. I know, I know, I am a gamer and I am supposed to support everything that is geek culture. But on this one, I can't.

          I guess I am out of the club.

    hold on is he thanking me for this? how many brassafrax's are there?!

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