Mark Rein: PCs Can “Simulate The Future”

We had Cervat Yerli from Crytek claiming that consoles were holding PC gaming back, now Epic’s Mark Rein, speaking to Eurogamer, has claimed that PCs have “shot by” consoles.

“Don’t forget every game that’s ultimately built is built on a PC,” began Rein. “PCs are always going to be the tools through which all games get made.

“With the PC you can simulate the future – you can put enough hardware in a PC to show you what a future console will look like.”

To an extent Mark Rein is merely stating the obvious truth – console hardware is beginning to look increasingly dated in the face of PC technology, and while mainstream AAA development has been focused on console formats, there does appear to be an increasing need to move forward. This console generation has stretched farther than most would have predicted and this has been good for the growth of gaming as an industry…

But are we ready for the next generation of consoles? Being perfectly honest, I think we are.

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