PS3 Sales Down, But The PS2 Lives On!

Some strange news out of Sony's latest financial earnings release: sales of the PlayStation 3 are down, while sales of the PlayStation 2 are steady and the PSP is making a late-life comeback!

The release covers the three months between April and June this year. In that time, the PS3 sold 1.8 million units (down from 2.4 million last year), the PSP sold 1.8 million (up from 1.2 million) and the old warhorse, the PS2, sold 1.4 million, only slightly down from the 1.6 million this time last year.

What to make of all that? With the PlayStation Vita on the way, the PSP is almost on clearance, making it a great time to grab one for new customers (it's also still going strong in its native Japan). The PS2, despite being over a decade old, is still a handy purchase with a ton of great games! And the PS3, well. That's a strange one. Don't be surprised if a price cut is announced at GamesCom in August, or the Tokyo Game Show in September.

Q1 FY2011 Earnings Announcement [Sony]

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    The PS2 was a great console, maybe Sony should recreate it lol

    The PSP was a great console with a huge library... in Japan. Worthless junk in the West :<

    PS3 price cut is way overdue. Needs to be under AU$400, if not $350.

      Blur Ray isn't cheap you know.

        Is that sarcasm?... blu-ray players are sub-$100 at retail now. They are not that much different to DVD players.

    I admit to being one of those new PSP buyers and what a great little console it is.Looking forward to the Vita now more than ever.

    Both the 360 and ps3 prices should be lowered. I know soo many people holding off on buying consoles because of the price

    Also in that time didn't we have the Sony hacking scandal - was bown to slow down PS3 sales

    Managed to score me a Japanese PS3 for cheap ... hopefully a PS3 pricedrop will encourage MS to do the same for the 360.

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