Street Fighter X Tekken Shows Its Character In 10 More Screens

As noted earlier, Street Fighter veteran Dhalsim has been confirmed for Street Fighter X Tekken alongside Poison, and Yoshimitsu and Steve Fox from Tekken. Capcom today released these ten new screens showing them in action. Scarf 'em up! There is undoubtedly more to come.


    Poison's the tranny from final fight not tekken

      The article actually says that Poison is a Street Fighter veteran. Which is also wrong but slightly less so because she was in SF3 as Hugo's .... I don't know what she counts as but she was there with Hugo.

    Really happy they used Yoshimitsu's Tekken 3 appearance.

      I agree. Definitely my favourite Yoshi iteration!

    man he hides that wang well. top wang hiding there poison!


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