Survey Says You'll Spend About Two Years Playing Video Games

A promotional survey taken by a video game price comparison site turns up an interesting stat: The average gamer will spend just under two years of his or her life, in combined time, playing video games.

That's based on a couple of assumptions, largely that the survey population of 1452 begins gaming around age nine and will play to age 45, and will game on average about nine hours a week in that span. Totalled up, that is 478 hours a year spent gaming (or about 25 per cent of hours worked in a full-time job), and then multiplied over that nine to 45 span, it's 1.8 years.

Since we've already established that you'll spend, what, about a year of your life sitting on the john, does this survey also account for mobile gaming while on the crapper?

The survey was taken by; the survey's managers said the figures cited are averages. Those who play titles such as Madden or FIFA would be expected to spend less time with a game than someone playing an MMO.

Survey Says Gamers Spend Two Years Mashing Buttons [Joystick Division]


    What happens after the age of 45 to make people stop playing games?

      I can only assume crippling hand injuries.

      Not looking forward to that.

      Their kids move out of home and take the consoles with them?

      That's all I got. I intend to keep gaming until I am in my cold, hard grave. (Unless I get sick of it, of course)

      People become dull.

      your family stages an intervention and you go to gaming rehab

      I don't parents are almost 60 and still playing games. Although to be fair they've only been playing for around 15 years so far.

      Personally I'm pretty sure I'm over that 2-year estimate already. For a fair few years there I used to do almost nothing but game, eat and sleep.

      Because you just happen to turn 45 on the 21st of December 2012...

      Nothing; my Dad's 47 and he still extensively plays video games, while working full time as well.

    Hi my names elhombre and i'm a recovering wow addict. It's been 4 months since my last raid.
    I reckon in the 5 years of 5 day a week raiding I easily broke the 2 years.
    Thank you Cataclysm for making me realize the error of my ways.

      have you seen the latest expansion?

        started playing wow @ wrath, got to level 80 1 night before cata release. got to 85 in about a week, was 85 for 7 hours and quit out of boredom, with the latest patch im uber addicted more so then ever. raiding nightly and grinded archology all the way to full looking for jinrock. ._.

          You're addicted from Wrath onwards? Man, you shoulda seen Vanilla WoW. That would've blown your mind.

    9 hours a week gaming?

    Them there casual gaming hours, y'see?

    I'm playing a lot less than I used to and I still manage to rack up at least 15 a week. Even more if you count time looking up videogame information or watching things related to videogames [gameplay vids, trailers, etc].

    'Gaming' in the broader sense is probably a way bigger impact than this suggests.

    Gam3r 4 lyF.

      them defs be casual hours yo.

      i game more then 9 hours a day.
      mixed between WoW HoN and occiasional CSS ill be gameing from 5.30pm after work all the way through till 5-7 am

    I don't see how this is interesting in the slightest. This stat is deceptively intruiging, while being completely without meaning. You can say the same thing about how much someone will spend waiting at traffic lights their entire life etc, and not learn anything other than when you add a small activity up over someones lifetime it seems like a huge amount of time, when infact it may have been spread out, well balanced, in sprints, etc - which is the truly meaningful/interesting part.

    9hrs.... Really?

    I purchased the Witcher last week and have spent 30hrs on it so far, not to mention the 10hrs spent on a third run through Rapture.

    Oh god, I spent more than double that time on L4D2 just last year, let alone everything else I play. Hellooooooo wasted youth!

    I think I 'average' between 15-30+ hrs a week.
    That's logged time by xfire or an estimate from steam. :S

    Also. I mean, I've played 30+ hrs in Rift ALONE this week... let alone all the other games I reguarly enjoy :)

    I can safely say I've broken that 2 yrs.... I guess im not an 'average' person that plays games eh? ;)

    back in the day i played wow alone from release to wrath and with all my combined characters i clocked around 200+ days play time blows the mind when i /played

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