The Concept Art Of Matt Codd, The Artist In Charge At Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment, the studio birthed by the fired founders of Infinity Ward, have a new art director with a very impressive resume. Matt Codd, Respawn's new art director, has contributed to films Saving Private Ryan, Serenity, Chronicles of Riddick, Transformers 3, and many, many... many more.

The official Respawn web site has a new interview with Codd, explaining that whatever the studio comprised of many former Call of Duty vets is working on will be the art director's first video game. If rumours that Respawn are working on a "sci-fi oriented shooter" for their first post-Call of Duty game are true, Codd seems like the right man for the job.

But Codd's extensive portfolio is more than just futuristic sci-fi stuff, as the man appears more than capable of painting a demonic hellspawn, pirate ship, ancient civilisation, gargantuan turtle and hundreds of additional impossible things. A small selection of it is featured in the gallery above, with much more awaiting concept art fanatics at Codd's official web site.


    Hope he had nothing to do with making the Bayformers look like a confusing mess of scrap metal haphazardly stuck together.

      Oh my a jibe implying that you hate the new movie look transformers! How original you, and your announcement that you hate something! Hooray!

    haha, the last two guys on hover-platforms give me a very "Johnny Quest" vibe

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