The Greatest Mario Rip-Off Of Them All

Like any other artistic medium, most video games "borrow" content and ideas from other titles. That's how inspiration works. There's a line between inspiration and copyright infringement, though, and in 1987 Time Warp Productions jumped over that line (then into a warp pipe).

Their game, The Great Giana Sisters, wasn't a homage to Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. It was Super Mario Bros, with only a few token adjustments made to try and throw off Nintendo's notoriously dedicated legal team.

Before the days of easy ports across gaming platforms, it wasn't common for titles to span both consoles and home computers. Both were built, from the ground-up, on different sets of hardware, meaning consoles excelled in some areas (like platformers) while computers were best for others (like flight sims).

This meant entire genres went under-represented on both sets of hardware, and one which was sadly neglected on computers until the 1990's was the platformer. Sure, you could get your hands on games like Frantic Freddy or Montezuma's Revenge, but the kind of smooth-scrolling brilliance games like Super Mario Bros. featured just weren't available on systems like the Commodore 64, Amiga and early PCs (indeed that's a big reason id Software, who did find a way to get Mario running on a PC, first got their big break).

That meant there was a hole in the home computer gaming market, and in the mid 80s, Time Warp Productions decided to fill it. Not by producing a unique, innovative platformer of their own, but by taking the core elements of Super Mario Bros., making a few token changes and passing the game off as their own (reportedly at the behest of their publishers, who wanted in on some of Mario's action). Which they called The Great Giana Sisters.

In their defence, it's not like the game was a complete rip-off. While the world design, warp pipes, coins, power-ups and enemy behaviour (not to mention the concept of sibling main characters with Italian names) are lifted straight from the Mushroom Kingdom, TGGS had a great original soundtrack, controlled well and had some pretty challenging level design.

A cheap shot at Mario & Luigi on the game's UK box art probably didn't help matters.

Not that any of that mattered to Nintendo, of course. No sooner did the game hit shelves in Europe in 1987 than Nintendo threatened its publishers, Rainbow Arts, with legal action. While the exact nature of any settlement or agreement between the two publishers has never been made public, The Great Giana Sisters was instantly withdrawn from sale, and all further development on ports to other platforms (it was originally released on the Commodore 64, Amiga, Amstrad PC, MSX and Atari ST) cancelled.

Because of the nature of the game's withdrawal (not to mention the fact it's a decent platformer in its own right), The Great Giana Sisters has become something of a cult hit over the years, gaining a fanbase through swapped/copied disks and even being the subject of some recent re-releases, including one for, of all systems, the Nintendo DS (albeit with re-worked graphics to cut back on the copyright infringement).

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    I actually played this on c64 before I knew who Mario (or even pirating was. - action replay LOL). From memory it was pretty good.

      Yeah I played the C64 version way back when I were just a wee lad. It was as close as you could get to Super Mario Bros without buying a NES. Good stuff.

    Giana, Rainbow Arts? Something smells fishy in here...

    I think it even had the same shortcuts and bugs in it that mario did. I vaguely remember smashing bricks and running ABOVE a level as one of the sisters

    I remember playing a hacked version that replaced the sprites with Mario sprites.

    Marty - you could smash through the bricks and pass over the levels without encountering enemies, but you couldn't warp to levels like in Mario.

    Actually played this on the Amiga many moons ago. It wasn't a bad game to be honest, but a blatant rip-off of course.

    I had this on Amiga, might even still have it somewhere..

      the question is will it still work? my C64 and amiga collection has been decimated by the disks and c64 tapes demagnetising over the years.

        Should do.. I cracked out the Amiga only a few months ago and had no issues with any of my games loading..

          Good to see some people still rocking their Amiga comps! Might have to dust off one of mine for old time's sake

    Semi-unrelated, but does anyone consider The Krion Conquest to be the greatest Mega Man rip-off? Or is there another, better Mega Man ripoff?

    I loved The Giana sisters. I think it was harder than Mario and had more variation in gameplay. I tried playing the DS version a while back but it wasn't the same.

    I have the Super Mario Bros. version of this for the C64 which I played all the time when I was a kid. Yes, there are warp blocks. I uploaded the cracktro tune for this just the other day, because I love it :)

    Time Warp Productions became Gameloft, so they're still at it.

    I think I too played this before knowing who Mario was. I wonder how many people did the same thing?

    yeah think i played this on the c64 (c128 since i broke the c64 oops) or maybe amiga i forget. i remeber going awesome its like mario. =D

    Giana Sisters might be perceived as a Mario clone but I would argue that it was far better then Mario.

    I felt the game mechanics and control values were a bit tighter, certainly for the Amgia 500 version. It looked good, had a much better sound track then Mario and the level design far more straight forward. The lack of a story and cutsy princesses made the game so much easier to jump into.

      I agree with Chugs.

      Giana Sisters Pwn Mario....

      I had this on Amiga 500, then went to play Mario on Nes and was disgusted at the ugly GFX... LoL

      Interesting side note. One of my friends named his daughter after the sisters in this game he played it so much as a kid.

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