There Are Unexpected Problems Bringing Old Games To The 3DS

Nintendo has a "3D Classics" range on its 3DS, where it takes old games and gives them a 3D makeover. Sounds great in theory, but in execution, the company is having some problems.

"In the original version, the game unfolds on a flat surface" says Nintendo's Takao Nakano, speaking about the attempts to bring Xevious into the third dimension. "The moment we made Solvalou float in midair, all sorts of discrepancies arose."

"For example, when an enemy on the ground fired at Solvalou in the original, everything was on the same plane, so it didn't seem unusual if the bomb appeared at the same altitude as Solvalou the moment it was fired and then hit Solvalou right away."

"But with the Nintendo 3DS system, Solvalou is floating in midair. If the bomb suddenly appears - zhing! - at the same altitude as Solvalou… We were like, "Huh? Something doesn't feel right!" (laughs) Everything was off!"

Nintendo estimates that some games take as much as ten times longer to port to 3D than they would a regular port, which is a big reason they'll only be bringing six classic games in total to the service.

Iwata Asks: Nintendo e-Shop [Nintendo]


    Yep.... to be fair, I'm already hating on my 3ds as of late, so this doesn't matter too much in the grand scheme of things...

    I'm also feeling the *redone in 3d* thing is pretty pointless. Sure... Ocarina Of Time cut scenes look pretty, but the more I play it, and the less I use the 3d functionality, the more I want to just replay it on a tv screen, with some serious speakers and on my 64.... The 3d aspect doesn't actually come across as to ENHANCE the game, it's even cumbersome at best, it sucks trying to use the slingshot a shitload even..

    Hmmm... Nintendo.. make me WANT this stupid thing again, becuase right now it's half way to being traded towards a PSVita...

      Respectfully disagree.

      The 3D in Oot3DS to me have redeemed the 3DS.
      I'd grown quite bored of it; but I can't get enough of the 3D effects in Oot. I occasionally turn off 3D when I'm playing in bed (for example), but even then; I find myself propping myself up with pillows so I can play with the 3D effect active.
      I haven't had any issues with the aiming, you just have to move your arms and head as a single unit (I guess its weird at first; but it works fine once you get used to it).

        I dunno, I didn't really get a feel for the 3D in OoT at all. Loved it in Pilotwings and preferred to have it on in Ghost Recon, but OoT... eh? :/

        Very much looking forward to Lylat Wars though. That's the game that the 3DS was made for.

      im at the same point. we are months on and i feel all i own is a expensive paper weight. Been playing with my standard DS lite more because the battery life is longer.

      a zelda remake is not a killer app no matter how good the game was/is.

      kinda want to play majora's mask now though :P.

      I have a feeling the wiiU is going to have the same issues.

      Starting to think they should have held off on the 3DS until xmas, which by then hopefully they would have made something worthwhile

      OoT in 3D proved to me what 3D is capable of and can help with gameplay. Im really looking forward to what they do with some other titles.

      There were several times while playing OoT that I had to swipe my hand in front of my face as i thought something was going to hit me. Now that is what I call immersion.

    IMHO the 3DS' motion sensors, BC, connectivity and AR (plus all the features DSi already has) are more compelling than the 3D screen alone. 3D photography and videography on the cheap would be pretty dang cool though.

    Got a 3ds. Will replace it with a Vita. Wasnt worth it, although there are a couple of decent games.

    Another -1 for the 3DS. Really not feeling that I'm getting anything from the money I've spent, and it just seems to be getting worse.

    Didn't want to go to the Vita (prefer the DS) but it looks like thats where i'm headed

    I decided against a 3DS, believe my DSLite is a better console honestly.

    Undecided about Vita simply for financial reasons.

    If it takes so long, then how come they only straight port like 1 or 2 games a week, if that? All we got one week was radar mission, they really suck at picking titles.


    >implying PSVita isn't just a fancy name for Playstation Portable Remake Machine

    Anyone who believes for a second that Sony is actually going to do "something revolutionary" with the PSV let me know now, 'cos I've got a bridge somewhere that I'm looking to sell.

    I'm glad I have my 3DS, although I probably would have waited for OoT rather than grabbing it on Day 1 if I could do it again (Of course, despite telling myself this, I'm likely to grab a PSV Day 1 and regret it for 3 months too). I do enjoy having the 3DS though. 3D camera + photos that I can view instantly after taking and AR games are all pretty much "tech magic" - still very much a "I cannot believe I'm doing this with my own hands" kind of experience. eShop is more take my money Nintendo, but that was Wii/DSi Shop Channel for me too. The games I've played have also been pretty good too (SFIV, Samurai Warriors, Ghost Recon, OoT), but I think it's also a maturing of my approach to games this year as I'm making myself play things through to completion, rather than 2 hours on release day and then getting thrown in the cupboard.

    Happy with the 3DS, but I think RE:Revelations is the game to watch out for. Pity it's so far away :/

    The 3DS is capable of some spectacular things but so far it hasnt, The thing i feel that can redeem the 3DS is 3D video services like they have in Japan and soon to be introduced in Europe. 3D for games i feel is an unessesary gimmick where devs could use that extra power esed for 3D and make a game that is truly beautiful.

    But the problem at the moment is the lack of decent games and lack of proper 3D content.

    I've never been interested in the 3D aspect of the 3DS, and I really hope there might be some option to play 3DS games on the TV screen at some point (Though the Wii U maybe?) Since my PSP could play on my screen since forever now, but only porting 6 games to this service seems like they shouldn't have even bothered to begin with.

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