War Is Looking Very Pretty On The PC These Days

There comes a point in every hardware cycle where the PC, thanks to its ability to be constantly updated, begins to pull ahead. Do things a console shooter can't do. We're now reaching that point.

While Battlefield 3 is probably the most prominent example of this, with the astounding visuals of its PC edition, I'm quietly excited about Bohemia Interactive's ArmA 3 as well, mostly for the reasons you're about to see in the video above.

The action kicks in at the 0:43 mark, but keep watching until the end, where you'll see what's surely the best video game water ever made.


    The shit?!I'm pretty sure you can't change scopes that easily. I thought you need to take it to an armoury and change it there.

    Hopefully they don't make it at all arcadie to cater to larger markets. Even though Battlefield is said to be the more realistic brother of COD, in comparison to ArmA, its got almost nothing, except maybe better vehicle physics.

    "Or you can get intimidated by the mighty submarine"

    I hope they improved on the learning curve. I never finished ArmA 2 cuz it was so fiddly. On the note of PC graphics, I think we would've reached this point a while ago but there was no real need for a graphics push given the consoles stagnating progress. It's time for me to update my rig I think.

    I thought arma was meant to be hyper-realistic or whatever? Can a car really push a shipping container around like that? and do shipping containers float around like leaves in the wind?
    No offense with this one either but that water looks like a really big blue tarp.

      Pretty sure the developer said they were going to fix the physics area, further in development.

      they said they were not happy with the physicsso obviously they will fix them

    The PC has been able to beat console games tech-wise for years, it's just not been profitable to try and do it. Or at least, not profitable enough.

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