Watcha Gonna Do, Brother, When Sasha Grey And Hulk Hogan Run Wild On YOU?

Well, let me tell you something brother, when the Hulkster gets into something, he doesn't do it half-hearted. He looks at all the little Hulkamaniacs, and he sees that all those little boys have discovered video games... brother. And internet porn... brother. So why not combine it all in to one delicious vitamin? Well thanks to Saints Row: The Third, your prayers have been answered.

Alright. I'm going to stop. It's exhausting trying to write like Hulk Hogan speaks.

The facts: in what may end up being the greatest tag team in history, both Hulk Hogan and internet porn sensation Sasha Grey are now set to star in Saints Row: The Third.

Sasha Grey plays Viola DeWynter, the 'mastermind' of the Syndicate’s financial empire, while the Hulkster plays, get this, an ex-wrestler.

I can't lie - I'm pretty excited about this!


    This game is going to be awesome to the power of rad

    This game just gets better and better. I'm close to fever pitch on this one

    i wonder if Voila can take a shot to the face as well as her voice actress can.
    (was going to make a full load joke but that was too bad :) )

      I guess I'm about to have my first fap to a video game.


    I think we all know what Sasha Grey is going to do when she runs wild on you, theres plenty of evidence to support my implications of Sasha Grey.

      Umbrella DLC coming with your preorder is what im seeing here.

        well they do have a octopuss gun DLC. sssooooo [Insert seafood joke here]

    Watcha Gonna Do?

    I'm genna buy it that's what! :P

    Hey, I get to see what Sasha Grey looks like with clothes on!

    No, I'm being needlessly mean and for no good reason. Porn career aside, Sasha comes across as a rather lovely lady. I think she'll be a fun addition to the game - though I hope she has a bigger part than the DLC-cameo Tera Patrick had in SR2.

    I can't think of any reasons to not buy this game now.

    sacha grey is an EX porn actress

      She's retired from porn to pursue other acting roles (and doing well as far I know), but she's still pretty well known as far as internet pornstars go. It's a big industry and Sasha Grey is practically a household name. Let's face it, it's because she had a lot of sex on camera for money.

      I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that, it just is what it is.

        "I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that, it just is what it is." Except when its your daughter on film! Didnt Chris Rock mention that a daddy's role is to keep them off the pole?

          Well look, if I had a daughter I absolutely would not want her to be doing the things that Sasha Grey has done. I might come to terms with it in time, but I'd be doing everything I could to keep her out of the profession and doing something else.

          However, I think that the sex industry plays an important role in society, and that sex workers from prostitutes to porn stars deserve more respect than they're usually given. It's the world's oldest profession for a reason: there's always been a demand for it.

        it was more of a correction than a criticism.

        similarly, the author credits Hogan as an ex wrestler.

          Fair point, I didn't notice that.

          Though I guess it's a lot more noticeable when a wrestler like Hogan is no longer wrestling than it is when a porn star is no longer... well, you know.

            depends which one you follow more keenly ;)

              Hi, my name is Matthew and I am a male who does not particularly enjoy watching large sweaty men in spandex roll around on the floor while demonstrating advanced hugging techniques. Pleased to meet you. :P

              (Mark, I know you're a wrestling fan so I assure you I am kidding - but come on... who would you rather watch rip their shirt off?)

    How can they get Hulk to voice a character that doesn't have a moustache?

      Maybe the 'stache is hidden behind the luchadore mask?

        That's what I thought at first, but if you load the full size image, you can clearly see there's no 'stache.

    Tera Patrick was in DLC for SR2??
    Damn... gotta get me a 360 and a real internet connection.

      Tera Patrick was basically a mission giver for some DLC missions - she gives you a unique (but not upgradeable) car and can be one of your 'homies' to provide support on missions.

      In the game she plays the role of a microbiologist - she actually has a degree in this in real life.

    Ok.. so i just googled Sasha Grey with safe search on.. and she is smoking!

    But the best part?

    She has a movie called "Sasha Greys Anatomy"

    I want to nominate her for kudos based on that alone

      Oh wow... don't turn safe search off out of curiosity...

      I think I have seen that one,Quality my friend, quality. Its a shame she has retierd.

        What tier is she now then?

          Not sure bro, It comes as a shock that she has stopped the Nrop (My Porn folder name, Porn backwards). She has some talent in that field, the female Dirk Diggler as my bro calls her...

    Take all my money

    I've seen a bit of contradiction on a few sites, some say Hogan will be Angel, some say he will be the leader of the Luchadores (Killbane). Both could be considered Ex-Wrestlers so Kotaku doesn't help clear it up. I hope he is Killbane, not Angel

    That's a good point.

    Considering Angel is "Angel de la Muerte", I find it unlikely they'd get Hulk to play a character that's probably going to be Latino.

    Killbane makes a lot more sense - I forgot one of the gangs in SR3 was going to be wrestler-themed.

      Angel seems more like a dark/brooding character seeking revenge, Killbane is an over the top, flamboyant showman, tell me that doesn't describe Hogan?

        Honestly, I'm trying to stay as spoiler-free as possible, so apart from the fact that the game is coming out, the info in this article, and the 8 minute gameplay trailer where they showed off the new weapons and whatnot, I don't really know much about this game.

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